What Happened To Davina Selling Sunset? Why Is She Leaving And Where Is She Going?

What Happened To Davina Selling Sunset? Why Is She Leaving And Where Is She Going?

What Happened To Davina Selling Sunset?, Selling Sunset actress is leaving the set; Find out in this article.

Actress, model, and real estate agent Davina is associated with Netflix series named “Selling Sunset.”

Fans of the series season 4 are eager to learn why Davina Potratz decided to leave the Oppenheim Group after season 3 aired.

Davina has gone from being a real estate agent to a reality TV star since her first appearance on Netflix’s Selling Sunset season 1.

However, as the seasons progressed and the drama increased, Davina became a more adversarial figure in the stories of Selling Sunset.

Recently, news about her leaving The Oppenheim Group has piqued the interest of many fans.

What Happened To Davina Selling Sunset: Why Is she Leaving?

The reason why Davina left The Oppenheim Group is not yet apparent.

What we do know is that her reason for leaving is not of a personal level.

Davina herself had stated that it was not that she wanted to leave, but rather it was an opportunity for a great prospect.

“It was purely a business decision, ” as stated by Davina Potratz, but the exact decision is unknown.

Where Is Davina Going?

Davina joined Douglas Elliman, a Beverly Hills-based rival real estate firm, after leaving the Oppenheim Group.

Despite this, Davina vehemently denied there was ever any ill blood between her and the Oppenheim Group in interviews and in Season 4 of Selling Sunset.

She also stressed that it was solely a business decision. She expressed a wish to return to the Oppenheim Group as soon as her “commercial opportunity” with Douglas Elliman ended.

Davina’s co-stars on Selling Sunset weren’t overjoyed with the prospect of her returning to the agency, but Jason handled the situation with professionalism.

Davina Selling Sunset Instagram 

Davina is famous on Instagram under @davinapotratz

Davina has 178 K followers along with 386 posts. Her posts revolve around her glamorous model life.

Though not quite frequently mentioned, she does have a boyfriend named Alex. However much details on him are not available.

On Twitter, she goes by @DavinaPotratz and has 7.5 K followers and 1.2 K tweets.

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