What Happened To Brenda McCutcheon and Where Is She Now? Dateline Gives The Most Recent Update On Buddy McCutcheon Case

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Brenda McCutcheon was arrested for the murder of her husband, Buddy McCutcheon. As for her whereabouts, she is currently serving life imprisonment. According to reports, Buddy was shot in the head at their Tree Top Drive house in Arden.

As for the background of Buddy McCutcheon, also known as Dr. Frank McCutheon, he was a well-known plastic surgeon.

He resided in the Little Rock, Arkansas, graduated from the University of Arkansas Medical School in 1978, and completed residencies in Arkansas before establishing his own practice in North Carolina.

According to his obituary, he was a Civil War and US history lover who also appreciated music outside of work.

What Happened To Brenda McCutcheon?

Brenda McCutcheon was charged with her husband, Buddy McCutheon's murder. She reportedly shot Buddy in the head at their Tree Top Drive home, located in Arden.

According to court filings, Buddy McCutcheon had had a four-year romance with one of his employees and killed him because of it.

At the age of 69, a jury found Brenda guilty and sentenced her to life in prison in February 2020.

Likewise, Brenda has maintained her innocence despite being found guilty and has since appealed the judgment, arguing that the trial court "made a simple mistake by accepting testimony from Buddy's brother indicating how Buddy's death had affected him," according to court documents acquired by ABC15 News.

In December 2021, however, a judge dismissed the appeal.

Where Is Brenda McCutcheon Now?

Ever since Brenda McCutcheon's appeal was dismissed by the judge in December 2021, she has been reportedly imprisoned for life, as stated by the judge.

There have been no updates on her sentencing since 2021. 

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Buddy McCutcheon Murder Update On Dateline Revealed

More into the briefs of the Murder and its update, Buddy and Brenda McCutcheon's firm, Cosmetic Surgery of Asheville, was under investigation for embezzlement.

And on top of that, according to court filings, Buddy McCutcheon had had a four-year romance with one of his employees.

He was discovered dead in the TV room on the first floor. Brenda McCutcheon stated that he slept there because he preferred to watch TV at night while she did not.

Moreover, she claimed that someone broke into the house through an unlocked door and murdered her husband with a gun the pair kept in a kitchen drawer while denying any involvement in the crime.

But it was indeed Brenda McCutcheon who murdered Buddy McCutcheon.

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