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Wade Cota American Idol – Age, Height, Wiki, Bio, Family, Parents, Girlfriend
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A very few number of people in American Idol have moved the judges with their amazing voice. Wade Cota is one of them who have moved the trio of judges on Sunday, 10 March’s audition with his heart touching back story and a very unique voice that Katy herself praised.

Wade has a star-to-be potential in him that the judges saw in him. The judges without a second thought advanced him to the second round with a golden ticket Hollywood.

Early Life, Education and Ethnicity

The 27 year old singer, Wade is a native of Phoenix, Arizona. He was born and raised in Phoenix to mother Teri Cota. He spent his entire childhood in Phoenix alongside his two silings. However, the detail regarding the info of his date of birth is still under the shade.

Wade has had a very rough childhood. He disclosed about his abusive father and his tragic childhood on stage. Cota said that his father used to beat him and his mother all the time. The scar on his face is the result of his father abuse. He even has a cracked skull due to his father beatings.

One day when Wade’s mother came home from work, his father was kicking him across the ribs. That’s when Teri snapped and took all the three kids with her. Ever since that day, Wade hasn’t seen the face of his father and he is happy about it.

Regarding his academic background there hasn’t been any disclosure from Wade. However, Wade is an educated person with high morale and ethics.

The Phoenix native holds an American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

Wade Cota Height and Age – Who is his Girlfriend?

The emerging new singer, Wade Cota has a considerable height and a bulky physique. The talented singer’s accurate body statistics are still unavailable. However, judging from his appearance in the show and pictures from social media he holds a charming personality with a chubby physique.

Wade with his chubby looks and adorable smile, makes one of the finest man in the ‘Idol’ this year. Apart from his physique he has a soothing voice and the qualities of star-to-be singer.

Wade moves Heart on American Idol with His Story

Wade Cota is an American singer and a songwriter who has recently exposed himself to the media after his audition on the venerated show ‘American Idol’. After his audition on ‘Idol’ on Sunday, March 10, Wade has gathered a lot of appreciation and support.

When Wade shared his story with the judges, it literally touched their hearts. His journey from escaping from his abusive father to American Idol is truly admirable.

Wade on stage performed the famous song ‘Blame It on Me’ by the George Ezra; the judges couldn’t stop complimenting him. They were both surprised and moved from his performance.

Katy even said that, ‘You have the most unique voice that I have heard so far’.  Richie was surprised when Wade performance evolved with a different persona within him. He cited that he was surprised to see the other person come out him during the song.

What is Wade’s Net worth?

Recently surfaced as a promising singer in the ‘Idol’, Wade has gathered a lot of fans. He is also a musician who earns enough by doing gigs around hometown. However, Wade still a lot of miles to go before publishing his net worth.