Who Is Devin Booker Mother Veronica Gutierrez? Everything To know

Who Is Devin Booker Mother Veronica Gutierrez? Everything To know

Devin Brooker’s mother, Veronica Gutierrez’s age seems to be 45-55 years. For further information on her, keep reading the article.

Veronica Gutierrez is of Mexican-American and Puerto Rican heritage who works at Jett Beauty as a cosmetologist.

Apparently, she took more than a two-hour drive from their home in the suburbs of Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Detroit to spend time with his papa while her son was young.

Veronica says that she has a very traditional tight Mexican family on her father’s side. She doesn’t want her son to feel a lot of pressure as she says that at the end of the day, he is her thoughtful, caring, giving, lovable, funny,  and charming son.

Veronica Gutierrez Age 

Veronica Gutierrez’s age appears to be 45-55 years.

Information on her actual birthdate and birthplace hasn’t been revealed to the public yet.

Veronica Gutierrez Husband

Despite, Veronica Gutierrez’s close relationship with, Melvin Booker, she never got married to him.

She met Melvin while he was mining a minor-league route to the league with the Grand Rapids Mackers of the Continental Basketball Association.

Apparently, Veronica got close to Melvin who was an African-American basketball player and had a son, Devin Booker, on October 30, 1996. Melvin was also named the 1994 Big Eight Player of the Year while a point guard at Missouri

Melvin is a husband-like figure and father of her child but not an official husband. She took care of their son while his father played professional basketball in Europe and Asia.

Along with her son Davon, Veronica also raised Davon Wade and Miya Powell.

Melvin seems to have communicated to Devin’s grandfather, Jesus Gutierrez, via broken English.

Veronica Gutierrez Instagram

As for Veronica Gutierrez’s social media, she doesn’t seem to be on Instagram as no official account with her alias could be located.

However, she has been part of many Instagram stories of her children.