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Who is Vanessa Ramirez?

Vanessa Ramirez is currently 12 News Anchor mainly famous as actor and model. At present, she works as an in-game anchor for “Diamondbacks Arizona” which is an American Base ball Team. Along with this, she works as co-host for a radio talk show in Phoenix and also as a host for a Television Show called ‘Su Vida’.

Is it true that Vanessa have participated in beauty pageants?

Though Vanessa is an Anchor, her model suited height and gorgeous body was noticed, and she got the opportunity to work as a model. She has worked for several fashion shows and performed in commercial shows and print ads like Pet Smart and Dillard, etc.

The main reason behind her modeling career is her participation in beauty pageants. She was one of the top 5 finalist of the Miss Arizona , USA pageant that was held in 2006. She had also participated in America’s Next Top Models. In this, she could only reach up to third round.

Vanessa has also tried acting. In her career, she has been involved in films named ‘Dead West’ and ‘Jake’s Corner’. In Arizona, she is mainly known for her modeling and acting. She have played lead role ‘Vickie’ in the featured film named ‘Vanquish’.She have also appeared in Sedona film festival and Phoenix film festival.

Early Life of Vanessa, Age, Education

Vanessa was born on 10 May 1982 in Arizona, Phoenix. Daughter of father  Frank Ramirez and her mother Belinda Ramirez -Vanessa, is very close to her parents. Vanessa’s parents always wished her to study medicine, but she decided to do BA in Communications from ‘Grand Canyon University’ in year 2003. Before that, she joined Mary vale High School for high school education.

Loss of Father made Vanessa totally devastated 

Vanessa went deeply heart-broken after demise of her father. She was very close to her father. Her father was suffering from non-smokers lung cancer. She struggled a lot for her father’s life for 18 months. In 2012, she lost her father at the end.

Father’s little daughter, Vanessa eventually stood strong and now she works as an advocate. She is involved in supporting cancer patients by spreading awareness programs and connected to National Lung Cancer Partnership. She helps in fund collection in various non-profit organization like “Latina Strong Foundation” and “American Cancer society”.

Who is the secret guy, she is having relationship with?

Beautiful Vanessa is still having a single life. She haven’t talked much about her personal relationship to media yet. It seems as if she is enjoying her single life or may be she is in secret relationship with someone we are unknown about.

There’s no record about if she is dating someone or having an affair with a guy. But according to her recent tweets , it is  confirmed that she is single.