Who Is Tya Posely? Florida Woman Arrested After Viral Video of Assault On 1 Year Old

( Source : Clickorlando )

It has been reported that a woman from Florida, Tya Posely, has been arrested for abusing her daughter. The video of her slapping a one-year-old has gone viral over the internet.

The video of Tya has been watched thousands of times by people all over the world, especially in the United States. People are expressing their anger via social media and are saying that if she is an abuser, she must be punished accordingly.

It is strange that the woman was slapping her daughter and was also shooting it. It is likely that she captured the incident and send it to someone, who leaked the video to the internet, or she might have uploaded it herself, which is not clear yet.

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Who Is Tya Posely?

Tya is a 23-year-old woman from Florida. As of now, it is unclear whether she is married or not, but as per the video, the victim is her daughter, and she was angry with the child's father. The daughter's age has been revealed to be one year.

People are concerned about the abuse that might have been faced by the innocent kid behind the camera, which is not recorded. Tya has received massive backlashes over the internet.

More information about the woman is yet to come. The Standford police are still conducting their investigation and will likely report more information about the alleged abuser soon.

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Florida Woman Arrested After Viral Video of Assault On 1 Year Old

A video has been going viral on all popular social media platforms, where a woman can be seen assaulting a one-year-old kid. The woman has been identified by the police as Tya from Florida, as per Click Orlando.

She has been charged with cruelty toward child abuse without great bodily harm and has been held with a bond of $2,000, according to a report of The Shader Room. She is currently at Seminole County Sheriff’s department.

The abused child has been reported to not have any bodily injury and is currently safe in the custody of Child Protective Services. People are concerned with the safety of the kid.

Is Tya Going To Jail?

As of now, she is held in prison adn it has been reported that she will be presented in front of the court on June 7th. People will have to wait till then to know whether she will be incarcerated or not.

In the viral video, she can be seen slapping a kid and saying something about her father's post. Many people speculate that the woman is talking about the post of the kid's father with another woman.

She also says that the kid's father did not pick up her phone. It looks like her daughter became a victim of an altercation between the adult.


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