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Trey Eason Age, Gay (The Politician) Height, Wiki, Biography
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Trey Eason Gay (The Politician) Height, Wiki, Biography. Trey Eason Age, How tall, how old, Wikipedia, Girlfriend, Gender, Twin Brothers. Read Also:-

Twins may be similar but exactly like looking into the mirror, that’s rare. Trey Eason and Trevor Eason are the live examples.

The Politician‘ has featured some new faces for the first season on September 27, 2019. As a matter of fact, fans cannot stop wondering about these new faces.

Blessed with outstanding acting, these characters are the real gem for Hollywood. One of the characters from the list is Trey Eason.

The actor in his 20s has forced a breakthrough due to his unique comedy role in the show. The show features the metaphorical political comedy.

Trey has proved to be the perfect actor for the role. So, who is Trey Eason? his age, sexuality, height, and biography. Know all about him here.

Trey Eason is around 25 years old

Unfortunately, Eason is highly secretive when it comes to personal matters. In fact, he has not even shared the details on his date of birth.

it’s quite difficult to determine his exact age due to the unavailability of facts. However, some guessing games should do the trick.

Just like always, judging through his pictures, he must be in his 20s. Apparently, Trey must be around 25 years old as of 2019.

At 25, he has found the breakthrough he has been searching for. In fact, 2019 will be the year he will always remember.

After his role as Luther in ‘The Politician’, his career path is upwards. He will be potentially a star to watch for many years in Hollywood.

Details on Trey Eason’s sexuality – Is he Gay?

Eason is a tough nut to crack when it comes to personal secrets. These days people are not so judgemental about sexuality. That is the reason why many gay people openly confess their sexuality.

However, Trey has not decided to do so yet. That’s just the presumption of him being a gay. In fact, unless he shares it, it’s difficult to find if he is.

Nonetheless, looking at his Instagram pictures, there are no signs of his active gaydar. Well, that’s the term they use, I guess.

On the other hand, his twin brother Trevor is straight as a bamboo. So, we assume he is also straight as twins mostly resemble.

How tall is he?- his height

Trey Eason has opted not t share details on his physique and height. Although, it’s easy to assume the height through the pictures.

The twin brother has a picture with Ben Platt, an American actor. Ben is 5 feet and 9 inches tall but in front of them, he looks like a dwarf.

Trey Eason Age, Gay (The Politician) Height, Wiki, Biography

Judging through the pictures, he must be around 6 feet tall.

The twins are from North Carolina – his wiki and biography

Trey Eason doesn’t have a biography page stated in Wikipedia so far. However, he will have one very soon.

According to, Trey Eason is originally from North Carolina. In fact, he is a native of Wilmington.

More details on the parents and childhood are not available for now. The twin brothers grew together in North Carolina.

Although, they currently reside in New York. Trey Eason has an IMDb profile on with 2 acting credits.

Prior to his ground-breaking role in ‘The Politician’, he starred in a short movie ‘Wake Up’. The twin brothers always feature together in the shows and movies.