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Tom Bernthal Net Worth, Wiki (Sheryl Sandberg Boyfriend) Ex Wife, Age
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Sheryl Sandberg has been a popular name in media recently. In fact, she was part of ‘Cambridge Analytica Scandal’. However, this time it’s because of Tom Bernthal.

Sheryl is a Chief Operating Officer at Facebook. Moreover, she is a powerful person in Silicon Valley and founder of

Recently, she is dating her new boyfriend Tom Bernthal. Tom is a strategy consultant and a co-founder of Kelton Global.

Here, we will be talking about Tom Bernthal net worth, wiki, family, age and more facts about him.

Tom Bernthal’s Net Worth Is Above $1 Million Dollars While his Girlfriend Sheryl has $1.7 Billion

Tom Bernthal is a Co-founder and a CEO at Kelton Global. It is a consulting firm focusing on customer insights research. Moreover, the firm undergoes brand strategy and quantitative research and consulting.

Likewise, Tom Bernthal has been at Kelton Global since March 2002. So, it’s obvious he has made a fortune amount of money through the profession.

Moreover, he has also worked as a consultant for business giants. The list includes companies like Google, Facebook, Nike, Target and many others.

As of 2019, Tom Bernthal’s net worth is under review by Forbes. However, his work and achievements definitely paint the picture of his net worth in millions. Assumedly, his net worth must be approximately $1 million.

On the other hand, his girlfriend Sheryl Sandberg has a net worth of $1.7 billion.

Tom Bernthal is a native of D.C. – Wiki

Tom Bernthal was born in some time around 1973 in Washington D.C. Similarly, he grew up alongside his brothers on the east coast.

Fact about his family is not available for now. However, his brother Jon Bernthal is a common name in Hollywood.

Jon Bernthal is famous for his lucrative roles in Marvel’s ‘The Punisher‘ and AMC’s superhit ‘The Walking Dead‘.

Tom completed his schooling from Sidwell Friends School, Washington D.C. It is a Quaker day school in Washington, Maryland, and Bethesda.

Likewise, he attended Midwest College according to his LinkedIn profile. Later, he graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Tom commenced his professional career as a political consultant. He even worked under Bill Clinton’s administration. He walked through political path till 1996.

Later, in 1996, he shifted towards journalism as a producer in NBC News. Likewise, he also went on to work for Dateline, CNBC, MSNBC, Nightly News and TODAY.

Furthermore, he also worked as a blog writer. Tom even won 3 Emmys Awards working for NBC News as a producer.

Currently, he is a co-founder and CEO of Kelton Global. Tom resides in Los Angeles, California. Moreover, he has been working as a consultant for his entire career.

His ex-wife and children

Details about his ex-wife and children are not publicly known. However, claims him to a father.

Sheryl Sandberg is also a mother to a son and a daughter. Sheryl herself went to tragedy after her husband Dave Goldberg‘s death due to a heart attack back in 2015.

Afterward, she was in a relationship with ‘Activism’ CEO Bobby Kotick but things didn’t work out.

Now, she and Tom are a happy couple. Seems like the couple is an example of ‘made for each other’.

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Tom doesn’t like to share about his past relationships. Therefore, it’s just a mystery we will looking after in the coming days.

How old is Tom Bernthal Age?

As of 2019, Tom is 45 years old. Likewise, Sheryl is 49. Apparently, there is no much of an age difference if it would even matter.