Toby Keith & Team Provide A Verifiable Health Update After False Report Make News

Many imposter profiles are giving falsified statements about Toby's health. ( Source : Soundslikenashville )

Toby Keith and Team have addressed to the falsified health updates provided by some fake profiles claiming to be the singer. 

The singer shocked his fans when he announced that he was suffering from stomach cancer. He was attending several events even after being diagnosed with the illness. 

With the news circulating all over the Internet, some people created fake profiles of Toby. They were claiming to be the singer and asking money from the public telling them that his health conditions have worsen. 

This became a serious issue after the number of imposter profiles started to increase. So, Toby's team advised fans to not believe any of them and report such suspicious activities. 

Toby Keith singing his sing
Toby Keith singing his sing "I Wanna Talk About Me" in an event while battling stomach cancer. ( Source : Instagram )

The "Peso In My Pocket" singer, Toby Keith was diagnosed with cancer about six months ago. He was still doing stage performances even after undergoing treatment and surgeries. 

Toby Keith Health Update In 2022

After the imposter accounts gave falsified health updates of Toby, the team requested fans to follow his official handles for any other updates. 

Earlier in June, Keith took to his social media handles to announce that it was time for him to relax and recover from the cancer. Everyone was shook after hearing that and they extended their well wishes to the country star.

The American singer is going through chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. He is currently under the healing process. 

Toby's team stated that any new updates about his health will come only from his verified social media accounts. They are working to remove the imposter profiles who are spreading rumors about the singer's health and pretending to be Toby. 

The team also warned public about the imposters' attempt to take money in the name of Toby. The statement said, "Toby will never personally contact you or request money..."

Toby Keith Stomach Cancer Illness - What Happened To Him?

The national-award winning singer Keith opened up about his stomach cancer illness. 

Keith was scheduled for several performances and events which was canceled after the declaration. Prior to announcing the sad news, he was already hosting and attending several events. 

Toby Keith's fans shocked after he announced about his stomach cancer diagnosis.
Toby Keith's fans shocked after he announced about his stomach cancer diagnosis. ( Source : Instagram )

The 60-year-old singer seems quite optimistic about his health. He is now spending time with his family in his residence. 

Despite his illness, Keith did not back from his philanthropy. The Toby Keith and Friends Gold Classic raised around $1.38 million for his foundation. The organization aims to provide housing and other facilities to the pediatric cancer patients. 

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