Tita Ureta Wikipedia: Everything To Know About Emeterio Ureta’s Daughter

Tita Ureta Wikipedia: Everything To Know About Emeterio Ureta’s Daughter

Paulina Isidora Fischer, aka Tita Ureta, is a famous television personality who has a glorious Wikipedia page. Let us know more about Tita.

Tita Ureta is a television personality who is also fond of surfing. She is a journalist and a sportsperson. 

She is famous for her surfing skills and has also led in the international championships.

She started working on the television when she was only 17 years old. 

Name Tita Ureta
Birthday 22 January 1992
Age 29
Gender Female
Nationality Chilean
Profession Journalist/Surfer
Parents Paulina Fischer/Emeterio Ureta
Married/Single Single
Instagram @titaureta/@titaureta.

Tita Ureta Wikipedia 

Tita Ureta does have her own glorified Wikipedia page. 

Tita is a famous personality who has kept herself hidden from the limelight of the media. 

Tita is a native of Chile.

She started to study journalism in 2012 at the Adolfo Ibáñez University. She left her studied in 2014 and decided to be part of a sailing trip irenas a Bordo. 

The trip was from Chile to Tahiti, with a duration of 3 months. Then afterward, she returned to Chile and continued her studies again. 

She practiced for three years in artificial waves in Santiago.

Then she represented Chile in international competitions in many countries, including the USA And UAE.

Tita Ureta’s Edad- How Old Is She?

Tita Ureta’s age is 29 years old. 

She celebrates her birthday on January 22. She was born in the year 1992.

Tita was born and brought up in Santiago, Chile. 

Who Is Tita Ureta’s Pareja?

Tita Ureta has not revealed anything about her personal dating life. 

She has kept her personal life out of the limelight of media. 

Looking at her Instagram post, she seems to be single now with no sign of a partner. Also, there is no history of Tita’s past relationships and dating news. 

We can say that Tita is too busy with her career and is Single as of now.

Tita Ureta Instagram 

Tita Ureta is a celebrity with two Instagram accounts. 

Her first account is by the name @titaureta And her second account is @titaureta. It shows that one of her accounts is her private account, and one is for her channel.

In both accounts, she has more of the 424K followers. She is a famous personality all over the globe.