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Formally named as Timothy Richard Tebow, Tim Tebow is well known for his professional football in the United States. Born on 14th of august 1987 at Makati, Philippines, he became the youngest of the five siblings. His parents, Pamela and Robert, both attended the University of Florida in the late 1960's. As a freshman in the university, his mother met his father, who was a sophomore at the time. Later on, the couple married on 12th of june 1971, early before the completion of graduation by Pamela. To serve as a Baptist missionary, the family moved to Philippines in the year 1985. Renowned for a dual threat quarterback, skilled at both passing and rushing the football, Tim Tebow, is currently a free agent in American football.


Homeschooled by his parents, Tebow completed his childhood in Phillippines and later on at Jacksonville. As per the legislation passed in 1996 regarding the participation of home-schooled students to compete in high school sporting events, Tim attended the local high school in his hometown, Trinity Christian Academy, where he played tight end. Later in 2003, changing his apartment at St. Johns County,  he joined Allen D Nease High School to play as a quarterback, which brought minor controversies regarding the home-schooled. Known for his running and throwing abilities along with his high competitiveness, he was pulled out of the junior season and set forth for major college football quarterback.


Following his fathers' footsteps, he too spent three summers in the Philippines aiding the orphanage before his enrollment at the University of Florida. As a competitive athlete, Tebow attended the University of Florida with an athletic scholarship. He continued his play-offs from the Florida Gators Football team from 2006 to 2009, where his career further strengthened by winning the Heisman Trophy in 2007. His career at the University of Florida was backed up with numerous records, awards and achievements. Tebow was well affected by the rule passed in 2010 regarding the prohibition of messages on eye black, primarily intended to shade the eyes from the sun. After his senior season at Florida on 2009 NFL Draft, he continued for 2010 NFL Draft, where he was selected at the first round by Denver Broncos. Unsuccessful at his first NFL game on December 19, he became the first rookie quarterback in Broncos history for the longest touchdown run. He kissed his first NFL success in his second match on December 26. The year 2010 completed with some major career starts for him but this success faded the following year with numerous loss of Denver Broncos. On March 21, 2012, Tebow was traded to the New York Jets and was then placed as offense, which created a controversy against the head coach of the team. Due to a pair of broken ribs, Tebow remained inactive during the Jets' following contests. The season with New York Jets was not so fruitful for both Tebow as well as the team, thus he was released on 29th of April 2013. On 10th of June 2013, Tebow signed a 2-year-non guaranteed contract with the New England Patriots although it had some incentives starting 2014 only for the playing time.


The days at New England ended fo Tebow shortly on 31st of August 2013, since the NFL teams were directed to cut their rosters to 53. Apart from his football career, Tebow has appeared in several books, magazines, documentary, advertisement and various endorsements as well. As per some data, Tim Tebow is worth a net of $3 million. After his five year contract with Broncos, his Salary comes at around $1.6 million and rising, along with several incentives and bonuses.


With a dashing height of 6'3" and weighing around 236 lbs, Tim Tebow is mentioned as a conservative Christian. Enjoying his single unmarried life, he spends most of his times in his luxury villa in Hoboken town in New Jersey, and also owns an apartment in New York. The young bachelor who addresses himself as virgin, is linked several times in various love affair rumors which includes Taylor Swift, Lolo Jones (Olympic hurdler), Dianna Agron(Actress) and Lindsey Vonn(Olympic skier), however his affair with actress Camilla Belle was well highlighted by almost media. Sadly their relationship worked only for two months or even less.


Apart from adding himself to the unemployment figures, Tim Tebow has apparently been training at USC. "Somewhere he is out there training while I am not, and when we meet, he will win", it’s the main mantra Tebow has placed on his wall. Getting close to this, one can easily assume Tebow's dedications towards his physical fitness and health. Along with his workouts, he also takes a rational care of his diet, which is generally as healthy as his breakfast. Apart from the regular diets, his favorite food includes ice cream, frozen yogurt, his mom's cakes, and honey bunches of oats.


From his junior season of Nease high School till the NFL season, Tim Tebow's achievements are quiet huge when piled up. As on the junior season at Nease high, he was named Florida's player of the year and was promoted for a major college football, continuingly in his senior year, he successfully led his team to a state title, earned All-State honors, was named Florida's Mr. Football and also repeated as Florida's player of the year. He, along with 78 senior high school players were featured in th U.S. Army All-American Bowl. Tebow became a part of ESPN's documentary "Tim Tebow: The Choosen One", and was also featured in Sports Illustrated on the "Faces in the Crowd". At his years at University of Florida, he won the Heisman Trophy in the year 2007, and was thus selected as a team captain. He is the only three-time recipient on the Gators' most valuable player award. He was also awarded Davey O'Brien Award for his excellence in quarterback position. "We have to humble ourselves and the way you do that is by serving other people", it's just not a quote by Tim Tebow, but it's his works apart from the professional footballer. He is involved in various charitable activities and has started his own philanthropic organization named as Tim Tebow Foundation. He also supports an orphanage in Philippines, founded by his father. His propensity of kneeling and praying was renowned in the world as Tebowing, following his name.


"I'll always use the negativity as more motivation to work even harder and become even stronger", quoted by Tebow himself, he exactly fits into it. Being the youngest member of his family, he is successful in strengthening his family life as well as his professional, social and religious life. He has preached Christian Gospel to children and also assisted in medical care at Philippines. His involvements in controversies are seen very rarely and furthermore his true Christianity beliefs regarding the before marriage purity has been seen strangely.