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The hot and gorgeous model and television persona, Tila Tequila is a well- known actor and model of American and Singaporean origin. A well toned body and a mesmerizing cute smile with captivating identity defines her the most. She is a well-praised star of the Playboy magazine and is a host of Fuse TV where her striptease is recognizable and immensely popular. A highly fascinating Mongolian facial structure with well-built body measurement and scintillating big breast size is her signature feature that makes her a heartthrob of the entertainment biz. She also is one of the most popular celebrities on the social media of My Space.


Born with the name Tila Nguyen in October 24, 1981 in Singapore, her family were emigrants migrated from the Vietnamese war until she finally resided in Houston, Texas, where she got raised. She has a brother and a sister from her parents and her early childhood was spent relocating in several of places until finally she and her family found a settling place in Texas. She was raised with a Buddhist ethnicity until eight she found a new identity. Her early childhood was tomboyish and she found pleasure in the misleading behaviors of a teenage girl with addiction to alcohol and drugs. Using her sister’s identification t o indulge in alcoholism she was named Tila Tequila due to her heavy drinking. She blamed her deterioration as a teenager to her unstable family and even related in sex and other inappropriate attitudes, losing her virginity at the tender age of 15. Her expressive behaviors and over involvement to irregular acts led her to get pregnant and even a miscarriage at her teenage age of 16. She did complete her graduation from Alief Hastings High School in the year 200 and left her former studies due to involvement in serious anti affairs. She rose her interest in modeling and media and started up taking formal practice classes to pursue a career.


Her formal integration got her featured in Playboy magazine in a nude photo shoot and made her a Cyber Girl and got her the acclaim of first Asian Cyber Girl of the Month. She even did the cover of Import Tuner. She with her over exposing character made her a sex symbol and she eventually got the hosting approach for Pants-Off Dance-Off where competitors stripped to videos to compete. She shot for the cover of Stuff magazine, Maxim UK. Her other ventures include a gaming series for NBC called Identity and a shot appearance in War at Home. She even got a role in the movie Now pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Her fame as the special sensuous girl rose to high level and she became one of the sought after personality of the teen sensation. She appeared in the front cover of Penthouse, King, Blender and Steppin’ Out and her vocal attribution came for Robot Chicken and the Cleveland show. Apart from singing, modeling and hosting televised shows she also has her own reality-based series in television called A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, which dealt with bisexual relation where gay men and lesbians had to be showered to Tila’s propositional fondness.


She has created a site called which was renamed The site had her pictures, blogs and other informative quotes that had verified. She had other sites that feature her clothing lime and business ventures and a celebrity blogging site. Her interest in rock music led her to be a part of the band called Beyond Betty Jean and Jealousy. Her skillful writing and singing talent led her to be signed into a top-level group of the veteran rapper Will.I.Am. She had her debut-singing venture I Love You and a EPO called Sex. The hot and sensuous diva had been affiliated to any scenes of entertainment business and she has written a book, Hooking Up with Tila Tequila: A Guide to Love, Fame, Happiness, Success and Being the Life of the Party.


In Tila Tequila controversial life she has been alleged with Anti- Semitism and Nazism and her personal life has seen tragedies including break ups and anti fame accusations. She had been linked with her boyfriend Shawne Merriman but the relation did not last long. She was eventually engaged with her girlfriend Casey Johnson; however, the tragic death of her girlfriend left her bruised from deep inside of her heart. She even tried to get the custody of her deceived partner’s adopted children but failed to get the custody. She had tried to kill herself by taking pills overdose, but survived the nearly death prodigy. She stated she was pregnant from her social networking. The gorgeous star with slender feet and cute height looks fabulous in bikini. More about her can be found in wiki.