Tiffany Caban Wikipedia, Is Tiffany Cabán Married? Find Bio and Age Details

Tiffany Caban Wikipedia, Is Tiffany Cabán Married? Find Bio and Age Details

Tiffany Caban is a popular American attorney and public attender. Born in New York City, Tiffany is looking to move into politics. She is the tentative nominee for Queens County District Attorney under Democratic Party. The lady is fighting in the State of New York.

Though Tiffany is new to the political scene, she is boasting towards success. She might be a new face in politics, but Tiffany looks certain of a win at the State of New York. According to NY Daily News, Tiffany is leading in the State of New York. The social advocate extended her narrow lead on Monday, July 1 after a recanvass of vote totals from the Democratic primary for Queen’s district attorney.

Prior to the election, Tiffany vowed to shake up law enforcement in the city. Well, Tiffany is up to her vows. She now leads over Borough President Melinda Katz by 1,199 votes on Election Night. Though Tiffany leads Katz by a huge margin, the final result is yet to come. There are still about 3,500 absentees and the counting is yet to be done.

The final ballot is expected to be finalized in the second week of July.

As per the latest tally, Caban has 34,104 votes leading Katz’s 32,905. Although the tally remains close, it might be tough for Katz to overturn the margin. As about 3,500 votes are absentee, Katz’s win is virtually impossible.

We would like to wish her all the best. As we await the final counting, here are a few things you might want to know about Tiffany Caban.

Details About Tiffany Caban Wikipedia/ Age

Tiffany Caban was born to Puerto Rican parents in either 1987/88 and is 31 years old. As of 2019, she is running in her early 30s. Her father was an elevator mechanic, while her mother is a normal Montessori teacher.

The public attorney lost her father during her teens. After the demise of her father, she stayed with her mother.

Born and raised in Richmond Hill, Queens, Tiffany attended Pennsylvania State University.

Raised in Queens, New York City, Tiffany attended PS 62 and JHS 210 prior to joining St. Francis Preparatory School. Eventually, she joined Pennsylvania State University. She earned her a degree in Bachelor in Arts from the university. She majored in law, studies of crime, and justice from the university.

Later, she earned a Juris Doctor from New York Law School.

Following her graduation, Caban worked for New York County Defender Servies. While working for the Defender Services, Tiffany joined the Legal Aid Society.

Is Tiffany Caban Married?

Tiffany is currently busy running for Queens County District Attorney. Currently, busing fighting for the post of Queen’s attorney, Tiffany is currently single. Moreover, she isn’t married yet nor has any children yet.

Despite working as a public attorney and social media person, Tiffany lived a low key personal life.

She doesn’t like to discuss her personal life in public. Likewise, she is yet to share her thoughts about marriage and having kids.

How Much is Tiffany Caban’s Net Worth?

Tiffany makes her earning working as a public attender and public attorney. Though the details about her net worth and earnings, she is said to earn in thousands of dollars.

According to, the average income of an attorney ranges from $30,000 to $60,000 per year.

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