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Theo Germaine Gender, Boy or Girl, Wikipedia, Age, Gay – The Politician Trans Actor
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Theo Germaine Gender, Boy or Girl, Wikipedia, Age, Gay – The Politician Trans Actor. Theo Germaine Wiki, Birthday, Parents, Read Also:-

After the first season of ‘The Politician‘, fans cannot stop wondering about Theo Germaine. The transgender kid who has had a breakthrough year is someone with immense potential.

Theo Germaine is an American actor famous for his role as a James in ‘The Politician’. Additionally, he featured in a couple of short movies.

After his role in the political comedy series, he has been breaking into the headlines. Mostly, as an exciting prospect to shape up the future of Hollywood.

Theo Germaine has openly talked about his transformation. Know details on his age, wiki, sexuality and more here.

Theo Germaine gender – is he boy or a girl?

The question to determine gender is quite odd. However, such is not the case every time. Especially, when it comes to trans, gender identification can be a tough task.

However, Theo Germaine has openly stated that he underwent the transformation. As a matter of fact, he was a girl previously.

He has not provided the details about the causes of the transformation. Although, he did talk about having difficulties dealing with physical orientation and vulnerability.

Nevertheless, he made a decision and he is proud of it as well. Likewise, the decision has also helped him to be a natural self.

Therefore, there arises no question about his gender when we are referring with ‘he’. Although, he was a girl previously.

Nonetheless, he knows the feeling of being a girl as well as a boy. Sounds complex but it is the way it is.

Theo Germaine is a local boy from Chicago – his Wikipedia

Theo Germaine is not somebody whose name has been whispered for a long time. As a matter of fact, he is someone up-and-coming and ready to make his mark.

Every new actor in Hollywood does not show potential. But when it comes to Theo Germaine, he is someone who deserves the big stage and celebrity fame.

As of now, there is no biography page dedicated to him in Wikipedia. However, it’s just a matter of years that he will have one.

Nonetheless, there are very few available facts about him. He has not shared details on his birth date yet.

We do know that he is a local from Chicago. He was born and raised in the ‘Windy City’. There are no much of the details about his childhood to talk about.

Although, he did have troubles regarding his sexuality and body during his school days. On the other hand, the details on his education and college are not available for now.

Theo Germaine has been professionally acting since 2015. The young actor commenced with ‘Latte Feelings’ followed by a minor role in ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

After his short movie roles, he featured in ‘Adam‘ in 2019. However, the year has been a breakthrough for him after capturing the role of James in ‘The Politician’.

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Moreover, he will be featuring Chris in the upcoming series ‘Work in Progress‘. The fame is waiting for the rising star.

In his 20s, Theo is a proud gay – his age

Theo Germaine has never shared a fact on his birthday. However, it’s not so difficult to guess his age through pictures.

Looks like he is in his 20s.

Likewise, he is never shy to talk about his sexuality. As a matter of fact, Theo Germaine is gay and falls for attractive men.