The Untold Truth Of Eric Roberts Wife Eliza Roberts, A Look At Their Married Life

Eric Roberts' wife Eliza Roberts is an American actress
Eric Roberts' wife Eliza Roberts is an American actress ( Source : marriedbiography )

Eric Roberts's wife, Eliza Roberts, is an American actress with more than 80 appearances in movies and TV. 

People are curious to know about the actress's untold truth. 

Meet Eric Roberts's Wife, Eliza Roberts: The Untold Truth Of Her

Eliza Roberts was born in Los Angeles, California, on January 23, 1953; she is of American descent and holds the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

Eliza was reared as an only child in Los Angeles by her mother, Lila Garrett, a film screenwriter, producer, and director, and her father, David Rayfiel, a writer best known for his work on the romantic comedy "Sabrina" and the mystery thriller "Three Days of the Condor."

Eliza enrolled in college after graduating in 1971, but she left two years later to concentrate on her acting career.

More than 80 cameos in films and TV shows are credited to Eliza. She made her cinematic debut when she played Mindy Binerman in the science fiction horror comedy Schlock in 1973.

His dependence on the drugs was so bad that Eliza once threatened to divorce him if he didn't stop using cocaine and marijuana. He quit using cocaine but continued to use marijuana.

Eliza Roberts spoke candidly about those trying years in an interview with Lifestyle Magazine TV. She claimed that although addicts frequently claimed they could stop using at any time, they didn't comprehend what it was like to be their significant other.

Eliza has helped her husband Eric escape drug addiction and clear his life's complexion. While he was held in 1995, shortly after his first release from prison, Eric and Eliza came to an amicable resolution.

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Eric Roberts And Eliza Roberts' Kids

Three decades ago, while traveling from New York to Los Angeles, Eric sat next to Eliza on a plane where they first met.

They both started a conversation as they traveled along after realizing they were in the same line of work.The couple then started dating each other without wasting time and hitched each other on August 16, 1992. 

Eliza Rayfiel is an actress and a casting director whose notable works include National Lampoon's Animal House(1978), Doctor Who: The Movie(1996), and Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Suparman(1993). Eric was married to Sandy Dennis and separated from Dannis in 1985 after spending five years with her.

James Simons, a producer and production manager, was Eliza's husband. Morgan Simons, a daughter, and Keaton Simons, a son, are the couple's two children.

Morgan's brother is a singer-songwriter and guitarist who has worked with well-known figures, including the late Chris Cornell and Snoop Dogg, but she currently works as a casting director.

Eliza and her husband, Eric, do not have any children together, but she is the stepmother of well-known actress Emma Roberts, conceived by Eric's first wife, Kelly Cunningham. 

Eric Roberts's net Worth 2022

Net Worth: $2 million

According to celebrity net worth, Eric Robert has an estimated $2 million. 

Roberts' early prominent roles in films like "King of the Gypsies" are possibly what made him most famous. Eric made his Hollywood debut in this 1978 movie, earning him a nomination for a Golden Globe.

Actor Eric Roberts, a millionaire went big crashed hard
Actor Eric Roberts, a millionaire went big crashed hard( Source : vanityfair )

The famed actor was then nominated for another Golden Globe for his appearance in "Star 80" in 1983. He has received nominations for his performance in "Runaway Train" for both a Golden Globe and an Academy Award in 1985.

He collected over 600 credits within his forty years in the entertainment industry. 

He made an appearance in The Specialist in the 1990s. The actor began landing parts in movies like National SecurityThe Dark KnightThe Expendables, and The Institute in the 2000s.

He has additionally appeared in several television shows over his career, including Less Than PerfectHeroesSaved by the LightSuits, and Doctor Who.

Eric suffered a terrible vehicle accident in 1981 that left him unable to speak or walk. The actor, though, was also engaged in a long-running struggle with drug addiction.

Additionally, the actor was detained in 1987 for possessing cocaine and marijuana. He was also accused of punching the arresting officer and resisting the police officer. As a result, the actor was imprisoned for around 36 hours before being let go after confessing to the crime.

Shortly after his release from jail for the second time, while he was detained in 1995, Eric and Eliza resolved their matter through mutual consent. 

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