Meet Suzanne Ekeler-Adams On Instagram: Austin Ekeler Mother Details Explored

Meet Suzanne Ekeler-Adams On Instagram: Austin Ekeler Mother Details Explored

Suzanne, the mother of the American football running back Austin Ekeler, is a realtor. Let us reveal about her husband and Austin Ekeler’s dad. 

Suzanne Ekeler Adams is the mother of two, Adams Ekeler and Wyett Adams. She played college basketball at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. 

Suzanne coached high school sports for years. Along with her coaching job, she was also a maths teacher. She used to take other part-time jobs each summer to support the family financially. 

Let’s know more about Austin’s mother, Suzanne Ekeler-Adams. 

Suzanne Ekeler-Adams Age 

Suzanne Ekeler Adams was born in 1971. She is 50 years old to date. However, exact birth details are not available on the internet. 

At the age of 24, she gave birth to her son, Austin Ekeler. The name of her other son is Wyett Ekeler Adams. He is the younger half-brother of Austin. 

She raised both her sons in Colorado Springs before transferring to Eaton. She admitted Austin to the Eaton High School in Eaton, Colorado. 

Who Is Austin Ekeler’s Dad?

As of now, neither Austin nor his mother Suzanne has spoken about his biological father. The identity of Austin Ekeler’s dad is unknown. 

Suzanne and her husband separated shortly after the birth of their son Austin in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Multiple reports say that his father was sentenced to life in prison. There has not been any discussion on this subject from Suzanne and Austin. 

Austin had a stepfather for 11 years. He hated his abusive stepfather. Austin and his brother had to be awake by 6 a.m. for backbreaking chores. His stepfather sent them to break ice apart in the water tanks during winter. 

Suzanne Ekeler-Adams Net Worth 

The net worth of Suzanne is not discussed anywhere on the web. Her net worth could be around $200,000 – $750,000. 

She is a realtor, a real estate agent. As per Forbes, the annual earnings of a realtor is around $93,600 in the United States of America. So, there isn’t a denial of the fact that Suzanne might have her net worth in a hundred thousand. 

She also has her own small business in Windsor. Her son, Austin, is a multimillionaire. Eventually, his net worth would increase after his contract extension with the Chargers. The contract is worth $24.5 Million. 

Meet Suzanne Ekeler-Adams On Instagram

Suzanne is on Instagram as @suzanneekeler with 349 followers.

It seems like she is an active Instagram user. She posts about her listings, achievements, and her happy moments. 

Suzanne, being a real estate agent, gives the update about the market via her Instagram posts. In addition to that, she also posts about her small business in Windsor. 

Check out her Instagram.