Sushil Tyagi

Sushil Tyagi

Sushil Tyagi is a popular Indian-American film producer. He has actually been in the limelight since his marriage to the popular American businesswoman named Amelia Warren. Apart from being just a film producer, he has also been best known as an actor.

Name Sushil Tyagi
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity Indian-American
Profession Actor, Film Producer
Married/Single Married
Wife Amelia Warren
Children Atticus, Lavinia, and Octavia
Education IIT Delhi, UC Berkeley, and Wharton MBA
Instagram @sushiltyagi1
Twitter @sushiltyagi111

As an actor, Sushil has made his appearances in two different movies as well as television series. They are Dead Connection and SeaQuest 2032. In the year 1993, he appeared as Helmsman in the television series named SeaQuest 2032 but could only appear in one of its episodes. A year later, in 1994, Sushil appeared as Westview Owner in the movie named Dead Connection.

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In the year 2004, he was the executive producer of the popular movie named Hari Om. As a film producer, Sushil has produced a total number of 4 documentaries and television series. They are Samsara, Journey Across India, The Visionary*, and Hari Om. 


10 Facts About Sushil Tyagi:

  1. Sushil Tyagi is an Indian-American who was born in India. He spent his entire childhood there.
  2. He is a popular American film actor as well as a film producer.
  3. His exact date of birth has not been known. However, he seems to be in his late fifties.
  4. Sushil’s height, as well as weight, remains a mystery to date.
  5. He completed his graduation from three different institutions. They are IIT Delhi, UC Berkeley, and Wharton MBA.
  6. The estimated net worth of Sushil has not been known yet. 
  7. He has been married to the popular American businesswoman named Amelia Warren and also shares a total number of three children with her. They are Atticus, Lavinia, and Octavia.
  8. Currently, Sushil has been residing in Los Angeles, California, USA.
  9. He is seen sometimes active on various social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter.
  10. In fact, he has gained a total number of 46 followers on Twitter and 16 followers on his Instagram account.