Why Was Supcaitlin Banned? Everything To Know About Her Age

Why Was Supcaitlin Banned? Everything To Know About Her Age

This twitch streamer, Supcaitlin has been banned multiple times in Twitch, and she is just 24 years of age. Read the full article to know whole about the twitch streamer.

Caitlin, or her pen name Supcaitlin is a twitch streamer who mostly plays Valorant and Just Chatting in Twitch.

Twitch is a live video game streaming service that is trending as of 2021. Caitlin is mainly known for her conversations in Just Chatting, which is a platform where the streamers can talk to their audience about anything. Unlike a talk show, there is no format and structure in this program.

Name Supcaitlin
Birthday 13 May 1997
Age 24
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Twitch Streamer
Instagram @supcaitlin
Twitter @suppycaitlin

Why Did SupCaitlin Got Banned At Such A Young Age?

Supcaitlin recently turned 24 years of age in May. Caitlin was born on 13th May 1997.

Whether Caitlin was born in America or elsewhere is unclear. But she is an American. 

Caitlin has been banned from Twitch multiple times. She got banned for violating multiple Twitch rules. Some of them are inappropriate dress code, using words like simp, incel, and using swear words too many times. 

Caitlin has even been banned multiple times in a week. A single ban lasts for 48 hours. Caitlin’s Twitch channel is currently active. But her streaming partner Colleen is presently banned from Twitch.

Caitlin has 48k followers on Twitch and has an average of 2,385 viewers as per TwitchTracker. You can subscribe to Caitlin’s channel on Twitch at @supcaitlin.

Supcaitlin On YouTube And Net Worth?

Supcaitlin is not on YouTube. Unlike most of the streamers, she does not upload her videos on YouTube.

Caitlin’s net worth is still under review. the net worth has not been disclosed to the public yet.

Supcaitlin Wikipedia

Supcaitlin or Caitlin is an American twitch streamer

Caitlin streams with her sister Colleen who also goes by the name of Supcolleen. Whether they are a sibling or not is still a question, but they are related.

You can find her on Instagram at@supcaitlin