Statikleo Girlfriend Real Name: Net Worth, Age Birthday Details To Follow

Statikleo Girlfriend Real Name: Net Worth, Age Birthday Details To Follow

Statikleo’s anonymous girlfriend is booming on the internet lately. What do you Know about Statikleo’s love life?

Statikleo is a well known YouTuber.

He is in love with his automobiles. He seems to be in love with his cars from an early age. 

Statikleo’s car reviews are exceptional. He covers even the minor details in his video. He is among one of the good reviewers.

 Stat’s experimentation with engines is well known to a lot of people. However, there are few pieces of information on his personal life. 

We will get right into the particular entity of Statikleo.

Name Statikleo
Age 20-30
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Youtuber
Instagram @statikleo

Who Is The Girlfriend Of Statikleo?

Statikleo’s personal life is an open book, but he is very confidential when it comes to his personal life. 

He has kept his love life secret since his arrival on YouTube.

He can be dating someone secretly; however, this fact remains a mystery for now.

Statikleo Age

StatiKleo appears to fall in the age range of 20-30.

As per his Twitter account, he was born on October 18. However, his full birthday details are yet to be revealed.

To conclude his age, we went through his photographs to make an estimation. He looks pretty young, however, his fan followings are enormous.

Statikleo’s Truck Collection And Net worth

When it comes to the truck collection, Statikleo has never shown all of his assets.

However, he modifies and experiments with his trucks for a long time. His YouTube is full of his automobiles videos.

You may be thinking, for a person like Statikleo’s he has accumulated enormous wealth. However, his net worth is accounted for now.

We analyzed his YouTube subscribers and concluded, he is doing well with his YouTube career.

Statikleo Height

Talking about his body measurement he seems to have a height of 5 feet 9 inches approximately.

Furthermore, he seems to weigh around 80 Kg.

We made an assumption on his body measurements by visualizing his physical structure.