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Spirit Tawfiq Age (Hisham Tawfiq Wife) Bio, Kids, Instagram Photos
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There are times when the personal lives of famous actors attract people’s interests. That is what has happened with Hisham Tawfiq. He is a well-known American actor.

And, he is most famous for his role, Dembe Zuma. It is a character in NBC‘s The Blacklist. His number of fans has increased than before due to this series.

And, now, they want to know more about his personal life. In the same way, the most basic question of his personal life revolves around his wife.

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#Repost @spirittawfiq with @get_repost I can’t even add anything to these words babe! 🖤 Happy Anniversary 🖤 ・・・ Happy 2 Year Anniversary to my glorious best friend, harmonious spiritual gift, partner and blessing in life, Hisham Nadir Bin Koli Amin Tawfiq. The Creator saw us fit and waited until we were both truly prepared… until we could deeply open our hearts after much crushing…our minds after intense contemplation…our souls after excavating and then appreciating our authentic selves and roots…after deep truths revealed. It was all in preparation, all in the grand plan. All that I do or say on social media is to inspire, interrogate, spread love (or provoke laughter) so I want this to send a message that no matter how deep the wounds, tough the journey…that you are worthy. Perfect as is. As is. It’s not even about marriage, it’s about love and energy, connection, worthiness., and really getting to know and loving yourself. I savor these same principles with my immediate family. This is merely one spiritual bond that I’m willing to proclaim and celebrate today! Embrace uncertainty. Expect the unexpected. Build in tremendous room for growth. Perfection is a delusion. Honor. Forgive. LOVE. Treasure every moment. Train yourself to appreciate the terrible times as profound lessons (work in progress but acknowledgement does really help!). Understand that “the people who cause you the most pain are your greatest teachers.” It’s not all rhubarb upside down cake (my favorite that my momma makes), but it makes for beautiful moments, a fruitful, gratitude-filled life. Today, I honor one of my greatest spiritual teachers, my love, Hisham. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Stunning photography by the brilliant, talented, gifted artist @tawnychatmon and my lovely dress designed by @washingtonroberts. 🖤 #truefarmgirl #rootsofthespirit #authenticityhaslongevity #growth #selflove

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After all, he has never spoken much about her in the interviews. Likewise, for those of you who don’t know who his wife is, she is none other than Spirit Tawfiq.

Spirit Tawfiq’s Age Seems to Be Around 35 years old: Her Husband Hisham is 49 years

There might be many things you may want to know about Hisham’s wife, Spirit Tawfiq. So, let’s begin with her age.

Talking about her talented husband, Hisham is 49 years of age. Similarly, he was born on the 17th of May in the year 1970.

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Feeling amazing after spending 4 days over 3 weeks (11 lessons / workshops) working with the entire student body (k-12 students) at The Co-op School in Brooklyn – teaching lessons from the Civil Rights Movement and making the link to racial injustices of today. . . Such incredible leadership, teachers and parents who created a safe space for their students to have open dialogue about our interconnected history, “race,” racism and social justice, especially in light of the fact that we just marked the 65th anniversary of Brown v Board and the New York Times and Daily News pointed out that NYC schools are still segregated TODAY. . . The students impressed and inspired me immensely. I learn just as much from them as they learn from me. Big, colossal shout out to my friend Ronica for making the beautiful experience happen. ✌🏽 #throwthepeacesign #RootsoftheSpirit #desegregateourschools #socialjustice #education #socialjusticepassionista

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But, sadly, when it comes to Spirit, her birthdate is not available. Hence, not everyone is aware of her age.

Nonetheless, looking at her beautiful photos, she might be in her early or mid-thirties. But, no matter what’s her age, she looks damn gorgeous.

So, you can say that Hisham is one lucky guy to have a wife like Spirit.

Spirit Tawfiq Bio, Wiki

You may not know much about Spirit Tawfiq on a personal level. This is because she has kept her life pretty private for the wife of a famous celebrity.

In fact, even her husband, Hisham does not bring his personal life into the eyes of the public. But, we have found some bits of Spirit’s life.

As per her bio published in several wiki sites, Spirit is a social justice worker. Likewise, she is the founder of Roots of the SpiritAnd, she is also the host at the podcast of Roots of the Spirit.

Moreover, she is a professional speaker. And, surprisingly, she also worked as a camera assistant in the past.

Spirit Tawfiq Kids

Now, it comes down to if the couple has kids. Spirit and Hisham Tawfiq got married on the 9th of July in the year 2016. Hence, they have been together for three years now.

However, they have not given birth to kids as of now. Maybe they are waiting for the right time to bring a baby into this world. So, we hope that they soon decide to have a baby.

But, Hisham has a son from his previous relationship. And, his son is 20 years of age as of now.

Spirit Tawfiq Instagram Photos

Just like her actor husband Hisham, Spirit is quite active on Instagram as well. However, it should be pretty obvious that her followers are not much compared to her husband’s.

After all, Hisham is a famous actor. So, he has a higher number of followers than Spirit. As of now, he has 108 thousand of followers. And, he has about 794 posts.

In the same way, Spirit has a followers’ count of 1867 as of yet. And, she has posted about 618 posts on her account.

On her Instagram, we can mostly find photos of inspirational black women. She is seen motivating young black girls to take on the world.