Who Is Sophie Mae Jason? Everything About The Daughter Of Sir David Jason

Who Is Sophie Mae Jason? Everything About The Daughter Of Sir David Jason

Sophie Mae Jason is the only daughter of English actor Sir David Jason White and Gill Hinchcliffe. Lets get to know more about this celebrity kid.

Sophie Mae Jason has been living a celebrated life since she was born to famous parents.

As being a single child of her parents, she has been loved unconditionally by her parents.

Sophie Mae Jason Age And Wikipedia 

Sophie Mae Jason is 20 years old as of the present and has not been featured on Wikipedia yet but is mentioned on her fathers Wikipedia page.

She was born on the 26th of February, 2001 in Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury.

Likewise, the details about her schooling and others are not available on the Internet.

As she has chosen to remain under the wrap, we cannot find her on any social media handles too.

Furthermore, David himself is a private person when it comes to his personal life and this might be the reason behind which he had kept his daughter away from media.

Sophie Mae Jasons Net Worth

There are no details regarding Sophie Mae Jasons wealth found on the Internet.

Rather her father has been able to garner huge sums of money in the entertainment business and has an estimated net worth of around $10 million.

She might be just in college right now so she might not have started earning.

As there is no official news about her professional involvement, we can assume that she might be starting her career.

Sophie Mae Jasons Parents 

Sophie Mae Jason is the daughter of renowned actor David Jason and mother Gill Hinchcliffe.

Her father David was 61 years old when he became a father for the first time in his life.

David was in a relationship with Gill who was 41 years old during the birth of Sophie and Gill was Davids’s girlfriend at that time.

Later they got married in 2005 and started living with their daughter in Ellesborough, Buckinghamshire.

Sophie Mae Jasons Boyfriend Details

As Sophie Mae Jason is not familiar with media much, she has not revealed her personal life publicly yet.

There are no details available on the Internet about her boyfriend or partner.

Although it is just a mere presumption, she could be single at present and has not committed herself to anyone.

From her appearances and behavior, we can understand that she has the charm to impress anyone she likes.