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Sohvi Rodriguez Age, Bio, Wiki, Bikini – Who is Mia From Animal Kingdom? Feet
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Have you watched the American Drama Series named ‘Animal Kingdom’? If you have, then you might be familiar with the character Mia. Today, we will be talking about the actress portraying that role.

Sohvi Rodriguez Wiki

Sohvi Rodriguez is a Nicaraguan actress who is famous for her role as Mia Benitez in the American Drama TV Series ‘Animal Kingdom‘. She has also played an important role in another series ‘Crazy Bitches as Stacy.

Before entering into the Entertainment Industry, Sohvi used to be a restaurateur by profession.

Her bio in Wikipedia suggests, Sohvi Rodriguez was born and raised in Nicaragua. The information about her private life is not available to public knowledge until today.

Sohvi Rodriguez Bio

We do not know about the parents of Sohvi Rodriguez, nor about her siblings and other family members.

However, we know that she is a Nicaraguan national belonging to Hispanic Ethnicity.

As there are no rumors regarding her relationship with somebody, we can guess her to be single. However, there are no pieces to support this. She might as well be trying to keep her romantic relationship under the shadow knowingly.

As mentioned by some sources, her sexual orientation is described to be straight.

The surprising thing that being a TV star,  Sohvi Rodriguez is not active in social platforms like Facebook or Instagram. However, we got a pic of her from ‘finncolefanpage’ on Instagram. Just take a look.

Sohvi Rodriguez Age: Is Sohvi 20 Years and Above?

As we already said, the personal life of Sohvi Rodriguez is not less than a mystery to us.

Even her age (birth date) is something that people do not know.

Although she is a popular star in the US, she has been able to confide her details from the public for such a long time. Hats off to that.

The thing is that we do not know how old she is. That may need some time to be available to the public knowledge.

Sohvi Rodriguez and “Animal Kingdom”

Sohvi Rodriguez has become a household name in America due to her role in Animal kingdom. She has appeared in all four seasons of the series.

Sohvi was seen in a recurring role in the first two series. However, she was cast as the main character in the third and fourth season on the show.

In the show, Sohvi Rodriguez plays the role of Mia Benitez. Mia is a rough but hard-hitting young woman. The role seems to be a bit of a challenge for the age that Sohvi appears to be.

But she has pulled off the role efficiently and provides justice to it. We must appreciate her talent and dedication towards the portrayal of such a difficult and unpredictable character.

Sohvi Rodriguez also appears in the horror comedy series Crazy Bitches as Stacy.

As Sohvi is gaining more and more popularity day by day, her fans are eager to know more about her private life. We just hope that they will get what they want in time.