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Sofia Bella Pagan Parents (Leah Remini Children) Boyfriend, Wiki, Bio
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There are many kids who gain fame due to their famous parents. Sofia Bella Pagan is one of them. She was born as a rich kid with a silver spoon.

Sofia Bella Pagan Parents

Sofia was born to Leah Remini (mother) and Angelo Pagan (father). Her mother is a famous American actress. Similarly, she is an author, former Scientologist & Scientology critic.

She was an actress in the CBS comedy series “The King of Queens”. Also, she is the host of an Emmy Award-winning series “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath”.

Leah is 49 years old actress born in 15th June 1970. She was born in New York City, US. Similarly, she has acted in many TV series like “Cheers”, “Blossom” and many others. Her mother keeps posting her pictures on her Instagram account.

Talking about her father, he is mostly known from being the husband of Leah Remini. Likewise, he was born on 16th May 1968 in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Also, he has starred in 5 different shows. Similarly, he is famous for his role in “Rico” as a co-worker of Doug at IPS. When he was in college he got opportunities to work in local commercials.

Who is her boyfriend?

Sofia was born on 16th June 2004. Her birthplace is California, United States. At present, her age is 15 years old. She is in her mid-teenage. It is very early for her to date.

So, she does not have any boyfriend. She might date someone at some age. At present, she is focusing on her education. She is enjoying her teenage.

Her parents married on 19th July 2003. They have been together since then. It has been more than a decade. There is no news of the divorce of the couple.

They are living a happy life together with each other. Likewise, their daughter was born a year after their marriage. They have set an example of how a married couple should be.

Sofia Bella Pagan’s Wiki

Sofia is born to famous parents. As her mother is a celebrity. But she is very young to start her own career. Also, she is focusing on her career. In the future, she might earn as much fame as her parents.

She might also walk on the same path as her parents. As she has not contributed to her career. There is no Wikipedia of Sofia. Likewise, her father also does not have a Wikipedia.

But her mother has a Wikipedia like other famous actresses. From her Wikipedia, we can gain information about her career, movies, TV series and many details.

Sofia Bella Pagan Bio

Sofia is a 15 years old celebrity child. She has been popular due to her parents. Her mother is an American actress. Her father was married previously and has three children.

That’s why she has three older half-brothers from her father’s past marriage. She is not as popular as her parents. In the future, she might get as much fame as her parents.