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Widely acclaimed for her contribution on stage, television as well as film, she is none other than the beautiful Irish actress Sinead Cusack. Though she has now reached her 66 as of her birth date 18th February, 1948, she is till vigorous towards her acting profession. Born & raised in Dalkey, Country Dublin, Ireland, Sinead made her original acting performances at the famous Abbey Theatre, before garnering a worldwide appreciation as a reputed actress of the London’s Royal Shakespeare Company.


Sinead Cusack is one among the 3 daughters of her parents’, Cyril James Cusac & Mary Margaret “Maureen” Kiely. Both of her sisters are well known actresses, namely Niamh Cusac & Sorcha Cusac. She also has a half sister named Catherine Cusac. Her South African born father was too an accomplished actor & he was born to a British mother & an Irish Father.


Making her acting debut at Dublin’s Abbey Theatre, Sinead Cusack starred alongside Peter Sellers in “Hoffman”, the 970 movie. The next year, she appeared as guest in a single episode of the series “The Persuaders”, portraying the character Jenny Lindley. Afterwards, in the year 1975, te aspiring actress headed towards London, England & enrolled herself at the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company, via which she was widely acclaimed throughout the world as one of the best actress of the company. That year, she also landed 3 different roles in the television sitcom “Quiller”. She debuted as a Broadway actress in the year 1984, acting in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s repertory. One amongst her best recognized stage performances was in the 1998’s “Our Lady of Sligo”, where she portrayed the key character Mai O’Hara, performing on Broadway, in Ireland as well as at the popular National Theatre. Sinead as well played in the note worthy mini-sitcom “North and South” in 2004 & was later seen in the movie “V for Vendetta” in 2006. Together with few more actresses, counting Harriet Walter, Juliet Stevenson, Fiona Shaw & Paola Dionisotti, she contribute to the Carol Ruttler’s book “Clamorous Voices: Shakespeare’s Women Today” in 1994. The journal scrutinized modern acting construes of feminine Shakespearean roles. Throughout the earl& mid 2000s, she landed numbers of roles on both big & small screen projects, including “Passion of Mind” (2000), “I Capture the Castle” (2003), “Mathilde” (2004), “Dad” (2005), “The Tiger’s Tail” (2006), “A Room with a View” (2007), among others. More recently, Sinead made notable portrayals in the movies such as, “The Sea” (2013) & “37 Days”, tracing out her role in the 2012 released film “Wrath of the Titans”. She as well emerged in the movie “Queen and Country” in the year 2014.


Digging on this gorgeous actress’s personal life history, Sinead Cusack is a married woman since 1978. She is the wife of Jeremy Irons, a recognized English actor. Together the couple are parents’ o their 2 children, both sons, namely Maximilian Paul & Samuel James. They were born in the year 1985 & 1978, respectively. Earlier to her nuptial with Jeremy, Sinead was a mother to a baby boy, who was born in the year 1968. Later, she placed him for adoption. Few years anon, in 2007, Daniel McConnell, the reporter of Sunday Independent disclosed that Sinead was the biological mother of Richard Boyd Barrett, the candidate of left wing general-election & present component of parliament. The 2 have since joined up. Sinead campaigned for Richard once he stood ineffectively in the 2007 general election of Ireland as the Dun Laoghaire constituency’s candidate for the People Before Profit Alliance. She as well joined him during the count-centre while he looked-for the upshot of the general election 2011, at which Richard was designated to Dail Eireann.


Sinead Cusack is the knee supporter of the London based cluster campaigning pro democracy & human rights in Burma, Burma Campaign UK & was even named together with her spouse in the biggest pecuniary donors list of the British Labour Party. Till date, the actress has collected a good bulk of net worth earnings as well has bagged manifolds of awards & accolades, counting the prestigious Evening Standard Award & the Critics’ Circle Theatre Award for Best Actress, both in the year 1998. To acquire detailed information about the generous Irish actress, visit Sinead Cusack wiki or either of her official web pages. She is available on multiple of internet biography pages as well.