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Simone Simons life faced a beautiful turn at the age of 18, after she was introduced to the band “Sahara Dust” as its frontwoman. 17th January, 1985 born Dutch beauty always held a passion for since her childhood & finally came out as a professional singe in the year 2002. Today, she is a proficient singer, songwriter as well as soprano, globally celebrated as the key vocalist of “Epica”, a symphonic metal group originally from Dutch. Also popular with her nickname “Smoon”, her actual birth name is Simone Johanna Maria Simons & is of Nigerian origin.


The thirty years old stunning & personable lady Simone Simons liaison status is married. She is now a mother to her only child, a son named Vincent Palotai, who was born on 2nd of October, 2013. The kid’s father is her husband Oliver Palotai, with whom she has been romantically bounded since a long ago. After being in a relationship for many years, the couple eventually tied knot in the December of 2013. Simon never preferred carried a long dating list & neither holds herself. Nonetheless, she was once linked with Dutch musician Mark Jansen at some point in her early days. As of Oliver’s career, he is a well known classical trained musician, originally from Germany with Hungarian ancestry.


Simone Simons’s passion for music drove her to learn playing flute at her very early age, soon after entering the music school. As soon she reached her 14, the young girl attended 1 year lessons for pop singing & the next year she knobbed to classical music/singing behind listening to “Oceanborn” by Nightwish, which stays her favorite collection of Nightwish. During her formative age, she performed singing in a church choir for a couple of months, & afterwards joined “Epica”, which was then famed under the name “Sahara Dust”. Her entrance in Epica was in the year 2002, after she replaced Helena Michaelsen, who was the frontwoman for the band at the time. The group’s line up was accomplished by Coen Janseen, keyboard player, Yves Huts, bassist, Jeroen Simons, drummer, & Ad Sluijter, guitarist. “Sahara Dust” was later transformed as “Epica”, motivated by the eponymous album of Kamelot. The band then amassed a choir (with 4 women & 2 men) & a string orchestra (an upright bass, 2 cellos, 2 violas & 3 violins) to play together with them. Yet under the moniker “Sahara Dust”, they produced “Cry for the Moon”, a 2 song demo in the year 2002. Consequently, they were contracted to the famous Transmission Records. Epica performs a blend of symphonic metal, gothic metal & progressive metal. Power metal is additional component of the band’s style, Ad Sluijter, their ex-guitarist having described Epica as “a bridge between power mental & gothic metal”. The music released by the band is excessive, bombastic & aggressive with few songs being “majestic, grand & epic” & others “introspective & more subdued”. Epica is also popular to encompass progressive leanings though sentimentality & gothic atmosphere is as well present inside their songs & music. Enlightening Epica’s history, it has released the total of 6 studio collections till date, including their debut “The Phantom Agony” in 2003 & the most recent release “The Quantum Enigma” in 2014, behind the release of their 2012 5th studio album “Requiem for the Indifferent”. They have as well aired numbers of singles & DVDs, counting few demos & compilations.


Additional to her adore for music, Simone Simons also carried multiple of hobbies & interests, including her deep concern for fashion & latest style trends.She runs “SmoonStyle” as her own blog, where she portray her writing about her makeup, fashion, food & different experiences she underwent as a major component of Epica. She as well includes her personal life experiences to the blog. Further to her facts, Simon is an avid tattoo lover, but states that she would never ever get one.


Holding a childhood dream to become a successful singer, Simone Simons entered in the music industry & has now come out as a recognized Dutch artist. She has always shown her keen devotion for music often cites metal bands like Tiamat, Dimmu Borgir, Kamelot & Lacuna Coli to be her key inspirations. For further biography details, log on to Simone Simons wiki or her official web pages.