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Simon John Charles Le Bon, simply dubbed as Simon Le Bon is an English born singer cum musician, best known for fronting “Duran Duran”, the British & its off-shoot “Arcadia”. He is the first-born child of Ann-Marie & her spouse John Le Bon, followed by further 2 sons, Jonathan & David Bon. He is now 56, as of his birth date, 27th October, 1958. Grown up in his home town close to Bushey, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom, Simon is the descend of deported French Huguenot hoard. As a child, he studied at the Pinner Country Grammar School & was subsequently admitted to the Nower Hill High School. After returning back to England in 1978, he joined the University of Birmingham, ahead of meeting the hatchling group “Duran Duran”.


At some point in early 80s, the artist was engaged to model turned actress Claire Stansfield, his then girlfriend with whom h was bounded for pretty long years. Within his relationship with Claire, Simon wooed Yasmin Paryaneh, a young & sizzling fashion model behind seen her picture in a magazine & telephoning her modeling agency so as to follow her down, just as magazines contemplated on a probable marriage with Yasmin. Yasmin & Simon tied knot on 27th of December, 1985. Following 3 miscarriages, his wife gave birth to their 3 daughter, Tallulah Pine (b. 10th September, 1994), Saffron Sahara (b. 25th September, 1991) & Amber Rose Tamara Le Bon (b. 25th August, 1989). Like her mom, Rose is a promising fashion model at present. The family, counting Ann, Simon’s mom resides in Putney of South West London. They also have 3 dogs, namely Cecil, a Boston Terrie, Tinka, a Chihuahua & Luigi, a Pug.


His childhood friends Nick Rhodes & John Taylor founded “Duran Duran” in 1978 jointly with Stephen Duffy, a well known singer & songwriter, but Stephen left after a year, persuaded they were not moving anywhere. In the May of 1980, Simon Le Bon was introduced to the group by his then girlfriend, Fiona Kemp, urging him as a latent vocalist. With Simon it, the band launched their debut self-titled collection in the year 1981, & shortly rose to prominence as the component of the popular movement “New Romantic”. Further 3 albums traced in rapid succession, “Seven and the Ragged Tiger” (1983), “Rio” (1982) & “Arena” (1984), the live collection. Later than the exoduses of Andy & Roger, Simon & John sustained on as band recording & releasing “Big Thing” (1988) & “Notorious” (1986). With additional ups & down in the band, the original 5 members joined up in the year 2001 to record an innovative album under the Epic Records, entitled “Astronaut”. The album was liberated on 11th of October, 2004 & was leaded by “Sunrise”, the song which came out as their foremost single to be listed on the “UK Top 10 single in a decade”. Earlier to the reunify of Duran Duran in 1986, Simon also founded “Arcadia” together with Roger Taylor & Nick Rhodes, his fellow mates from Duran Duran. The squad had a US/ UK top ten hit amid their original single entitled “Election Day”, & aired one collection in 1985, called “So Red The Rose”. Outside the band, Simon also carries a solo career in music. He has contributed numbers of singles for the albums of different artist & has even released the collection “Perfect Teeth” in 1993 for Unrest, the indie rock group. More lately, in 2010, he collaborated on “Record Collection”, the title song from the 3rd album of Mark Ronson. Mark later produced “All You Need Is Now”, the 010 released album by Duran Duran.


Holding the estimated net worth of 60 million USD, Simon Le Bon has now come out as one of the top earning British musicians. Besides singing, the artist carries knee devotion for musical instruments. He is an accomplished musician who as well loves writing. He has portrayed his writing passion by contributing an essay to “The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas”, a journal amended by Ariane Sherine. Moreover, the artist has also shown his activism in different charitable ventures & has more recently come out as the distinguished backer for the British Humanist Association in 2014.


Highly noted as the frontman of 80s squad “Duran Duran”, Simon Le Bon lately avowed that he presently enjoys the music bands “Thirty Seconds to Mars”, “Fall Out Boy”, “The Killers” & “Scissor Scissor”, all among which he states as having a parallel “feathers-and-mascara” reflection. To know detailed history about the artist’s personal & professional life, visit Simon Le Bon wiki or either of his biography available on the internet sites, such as imdb, &