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Shelina Moreda Wiki, Age, Instagram, Boyfriend, Is She Married Now?
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Racing is not in everybody’s DNA. Some people are too afraid to drive in speed while some others are simply afraid to drive at all, like me. However, the person we are talking about today is a professional racer. Yep! She goes by the name Shelina Moreda.

I bet you have heard her name somewhere if you are a fan of racing.

Something interesting about her; she is the first female racer to take part in a competition at Indy Raceway.

Well, there are a lot more interesting and fascinating things about Shelina. We will be covering as much as we can in this short story. So let’s just start without wasting any more words and time.

Shelina Moreda Wikipedia

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Part 1: This amazing weekend started with my WIN on Saturday in the MC Technologies Afemme class, and then Sunday turning up the heat, we made some suspension changes as I’m learning the R1 better, and I dropped a whopping 2.5 seconds off my personal best at this track!! I started in 18th in the Superbike race and ended in 8th, and started 16th in Open GP and finished in 6th! The numbers aren’t the only cool thing about this weekend though. I had some of the funnest, closest, cleanest battles I’ve had in club racing in a long time and made some new friends because our battles were so fun that we were finding eachother after the race, congratulating eachother and talking about the pass between 14 and 15, and what each of us was thinking as we were literally looking at eachother going across the finish line. I got high fives from my buddies Nick and Cowboy about my wicked start, where I got ahead of both of them even though they’re faster than me and I was griddled on the back row. Nick passed me back at Turn 9 in the first lap but was impressed that I’d turned up the fire. They were so stoked for me, and congratulating me on improving my times, and genuinely proud of me because they’ve both helped me out a bunch at trackdays and ridden with me a lot. I think that’s the coolest part about racing, is how everyone builds eachother up, pushes you to improve, and is generally stoked even if you beat them, because we all know how much work goes into this, we are all pulling for eachother out there, and we all love a good battle. I owe huge thank-you’s to Brent Benoit from Evol, Mike Canfield of MC Technologies (who also sponsors the girls class), and Lisa Wallace, for all of their help through this weekend, getting the bike set up, getting my head right, and just being there for me and believing in me. Canfield was on the wall in pure excitement, warning me of the pack of wolves on my heels, and cheering at the final lap. It’s amazing what it does for you when people believe in you. On that note, thank you all for your support beyond what I can even express. And ya, my @COVERGIRL makeup stayed put the whole time!😘🏁🤘 #shezracing #mctechnologies #winning #mansworld

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As we have already established, Shelina is a professional racer from the USA. Moreover, she is one of the four female racers who race at the national level in the country.

According to the available information on a wiki, Shelina Moreda races in the USA as well as In Europe.

Her Instagram bo says that she is a pro racer, farmgirl, and a Covergirl. Moreover, it also mentions about her racing all over the USA, Qatar, and China. You can have a look yourself in her Instagram account.

One unfortunate event linked with her life is the 2014 crash in Qatar. That was during the Qatar Championship that this event took place. However, she was not injured too much in that crash.

Although she has a long history with racing and despite being able to amass popularity, there is no dedicated Wikipedia of her.

Shelina Moreda Age: 37 years

Shelina is at the present time 37 years of age. She celebrated her birthday on the 17th of December every year. She was born in Sonoma County, California, the USA in the year 1981.

In fact, the American racer had a very keen interest in motorbikes from a very young age. She grew up in her family farm riding bikes. Well, that’s the reason she is too good at bikes and racing.

As popular she is, Shelina is a very lovable person. She lives surrounded by her family members and doesn’t hesitate from getting in the social media platforms with them.


Shelina is a popular name in the world of racing. As a matter of fact, she has a large number of fans and followers.

And moreover, she is active on social media platforms. Apparently, she has to share a lot with her fans and well-wishers.

As of this date, her Instagram has 28.1K followers. She follows 743 people and has posted 863 photos and videos. This shows that she is quite active in the platform. And that’s a good thing for her fans as well.

Who is Shelina Moreda Boyfriend? Is she married?

Despite all this popularity, Shelina has been able to hide her personal life from her fans and the media. There is no information as of now regarding her relationships currently.

As Shelina Moreda has not given any hint on her boyfriend, we can assume that she is single as of now. And it won’t be wrong to say that she is not married or in a relationship with someone.

And again, that might just be some unnecessary assumptions. She might be having a relationship in secret. Who knows?