Sharon Tay

It counts to one recognized and to be an established persona in the field of media however, if it’s Sharon Tay, the sensuously hot and gorgeous diva the count stops ant stays uncountable. She has the hottest physique with the superb charisma and body measurements. It’s the other part of her talent that she get famed with but being the sought after personality of television and a journalist with a vibrantly beautiful outlook makes her one of the best looking personality of the journalism and television field. She has been in the reporting, hosting journalism and been associated with MSNBC network in her career and hads garnered a reputational fame to follow through.


She step foot in this world in October 15 of 1966 in Singapore and her family migrated to Los Angeles, California when she was of seven years in age. Her mixed ethnicity from her heredity and her decency from Singapore and Philippines had her base to relocated herself in America and found a strong hold of the outgoing social infatuation in her early age. Her family resided in Connecticut and again shifted to Philippines. She got the chance to travel a lot in her childhood, which developed her interest in travelling and getting to know the basics and culture of several parts of the world. She attended a boarding School based in Massachusetts after moving back to United States of America andf completed her graduation in Bachelor majoring in Broadcast Journalism and minor in International Relations from Boston University. Having a strong foundation from the educational background, she had the brilliance in communicational skills as well as reporting and analysis.


She began her career in the field of media from anchoring, writing reports and producing weekend news portals for station that were local and based in Boston. Gaining experience in suffice level in several sectors of the media from her debut break as she had the fascinating outbreak of skill and talent that she utilized to prosper in a bigger hold by getting linked with KCCN-TV based in Salinas of California. She was approached by the network for assignment reporting and conducts her responsibility in investigative references of the news reports. The beautifully presentable diva had no difficulty in approaching to several of the networks and the media houses and she had the e4xoerience that lifted her confidence to high standards. As she did not had to search for job options, instead opportunities came knocking on her door to be the part of well famed stations. She then was approached by Tribune Broadcasting Agency and did reporting for KTLA- 5 Los Angeles. Her breakthrough reporting led her to be the lead host for the anchoring of the news and had her shift in weekend morning portals of the news anchoring.


With great looks came even greater opportunities as she already had the determination to prove it the best in what she does and has been famed for the business of reporting and anchoring field she has been related with. In 2004, she resigned from the KTLA network and was assigned with the famed network of the United States MSNBC. She had the strong base and all she needed to do was to follow up and to pursue her grant of the opportunity to reform even better fan and media following. She was to be featured in MSNBC Entertainment Hot List and was the host for the show. The association with MSNBC had her fame grow outrageously and she got appreciated and garnered with fame for her hosting and reporting skills. Apart from MSNBC, she also formulated her responsibilities for CBS 2, where she is still active and KCAL 9 as an anchor. With her vibrantly gorgeous outlook and divinely spirited determination on her work she has been affiliated with several of the networks and has been a key attraction of the media house wherever she delivers her potential of her skillful presentation.

The gorgeously captivating diva Sharon Tay of the television has also been credited for her fashion statements and her formal get ups for the reporting. Apart from it her flaunting of the sensuous body in bikini and other sessions of photography, where she has been flaunting several formal and casual styles of dressing has also made her a sought after figure of the media. Her honors include being awarded 5 Emmy Awards and an Associated Press Award for her commendable formulation in journalism, anchoring and reporting sector. It was speculated for her having a plastic surgery, which is out of base and fake and the details about her marriage has not been published to the media. More about her bio can be found in wiki.