Who Is Sharon Heaton? Everything About The Sister Of Patricia Heaton

Who Is Sharon Heaton? Everything About The Sister Of Patricia Heaton

Sharon Heaton is the elder sister of the American actress and comedian Patricia Heaton. Find out more about the sister who became a nun.

Sharon is the eldest sister of the three-time Emmy award-winning actress Patricia Heaton.

Unlike Patricia, she stays far from the spotlight, living a simple life of a nun in Nashville.

Patricia Heaton Sister: Sharon Heaton Wiki

Sharon Heaton is not available with a Wiki bio like Patricia Heaton.

She is a Dominican nun who is an assistant registrar at Aquinas College, Nashville.

She goes by the full name Sister Mary Sharon Heaton. All the Heaton siblings grew as devout Catholics.

She taught Patricia to understand and love music. She was the first to bring home several recordings of the then-popular singers and bands.

How Ols Is Sharon Heaton?

Sharon Heaton seems to be at the age of 65 to 70 years old.

It is not known to us what Sharon’s exact age is, but her younger sister Patricia is 63 years old as of July 2021. 

As she is the fourth of the five siblings and Sharon is the eldest, we assume Sharon to be walking towards her 7th decade of existence.

The other two sisters are Alice and Frances, and the only brother is Michael.

Sharon Heaton Husband, Family & Children

Sister Sharon doesn’t have a husband as she is not married and hence no children, too.

Her sister Patricia is married for more than two decades to her husband, David Hunt. They were married in 1990 and had four children together.

Sharon’s parents were Chuck Heaton and Patricia Hurd. Her dad used to be a journalist, commentator, writer, and sports news columnist.

On the other hand, her mother died young of an aneurysm on January 20, 1971.

Find Sharon Heaton On Instagram

Sharon Heaton is not active on many social media like Instagram.

So, it’s pretty out of our reach to get to know her deeply. However, her younger sister Patricia Heaton is on Instagram @patriciaheaton. She has a vast number of 196 thousand people following her.

She is also active on Twitter among 425.3k followers.

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