Who Is Sinead Oconnor Son Shane Lunny? Everything To Know About Him

Who Is Sinead Oconnor Son Shane Lunny? Everything To Know About Him

Shane Lunny, aged 16, is the son of famous Irish singer and songwriter, Sinéad Marie Bernadette O’Connor. Keep reading to know more about Shane.

Shane Lunny came into the spotlight of the media when her mother Sinead appealed for help in February 2021. 

Shane went missing from his house in Dublin. The tweet that was tweeted by Sinead told that he was not home for three days. 

Shane was later healthily found after three days. Sinead didn’t reveal any details of the incident but was happy about her son.

Who Is Shane Lunny: Sinead Oconnor Son?

Shane Lunny is the son of Sinead and Donal Lunny

Shane has 4 siblings and all of them are his step-siblings. As Sinead has married 4 times having children with each of them.

Shane is the sone of Irish folk singer, musician, and producer, Donal Lunny. 

Donal and Sinead got married in 2002 and have only one child which is Shane. 

How Old Is Shane Lunny: Age? 

According to the daily mail, Shane is now 16 years old. 

However, his exact date of birth is still missing as it is not opened to the public. But Shane was born in the year 2004.

Shane Lunny Family

Shane Lunny’s family seems to be a little bit complicated to him. 

It is because of his mother marrying four-time and having 4 children with each one of them. 

Shane currently leaves with his mother and one sibling in Dublin. Shane’s youngest brother is Yeshua Francis Neil Bonadio. 

Shane has other two siblings, his youngest brother is 33 years old Jake Reynolds. His second sibling is his sister Roisin. 

Does Shane Lunny Have Girlfriend? 

No, he doesn’t have a girlfriend. 

Shane is a 16-year-old teenager who lives with his mom and is not in any kind of relationship. 

Shane must have a crush on somebody, as he is a boy But as of now there are no such relationship issues to address. 

Shane Lunny Instagram

As of now, Shane is not yet been on Instagram. 

Although he has passed the legal age to be on Instagram. He is still not using it. 

Though her mother has an Instagram account, she is not so active on it. 

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