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Sean Edward Hartman Age (Phil Hartman Son) Wiki, Net Worth, Sister Birgen, Mother Brynn Hartman
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Sean Edward Hartman is an aspiring actor, artist, graphic designer, writer as well as a voice artist. 30 years old Sean is the son of late actor and comedian Phil Hartman. People who know Phil sure do want to know about his children. However, although Sean is working in the entertainment field, people know him as Phil’s son only.

Sean Edward Hartman Age – 30 years and Wiki

Sean was born in Sunset, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on 29 September 1989. His parents were Phil Hartman and Brynn Hartman. He was only 9 years old when his parents died. Thereafter, he spent his life with his sister and legal guardians. Sean’s mother’s sister Katharine Omdhal and her husband took care of the children after the death of their parents.

After his parent’s death, Sean and his sister were given different last names to protect them from the spotlight. Most probably, the guardians made this decision to help the kids live a normal life.

Apart from that, the information on Sean’s education and work is not available on the internet. However, he is an aspiring artist for the entertainment industry.

Sean Edward Hartman is the son of popular comedian Phil Hartman

Sean’s dad Phil was a famous actor who is very popular for his work in a sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live. He was one of the most loved artists in the entertainment industry. He saw a lot of success in his life.

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Sean Hartman with his father Phil Hartman

However, this successful comedian had an unsuccessful personal life. He was in 2 unsuccessful marriages before finally marrying the Brazilian model, Brynn Omdahl. After having 2 children, his wife, Brynn killed him and later killed herself leaving the young children all by themselves.

What is Sean Edward Hartman’s net worth?

Well, the information about his net worth is not available on the internet. Nevertheless, his father, Phil was a rich man. He had a house and a lot of properties. After his death, his children were to get his property.

But, the children could not get the share of property until they were 25.

Thus, at the age of 30, Sean Edward Hartman must have a decent sum on his name from his dad’s net worth. Also, he must be earning for himself.

Sean Hartman has a younger sister, Her name is Birgen Hartman.

As said earlier, Sean spent his childhood with his sister after the death of their parents. Birgen was just 6 years old when their parents died. Born in the year 1992, she must have some faint memories of her parents.

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At present, she has married and is very happy and content in her life. She posts some pictures in remembrance of her father on her personal Instagram. However, Sean does not seem active on Instagram.

Sean’s mother Brynn Hartman killed his father

On May 28, 1998, following a tragic incident, the Hartman couple were dead at their home in LA. According to the reports, Brynn who was an alcoholic and a cocaine addict killed her husband. The reports say that the couple had an unhappy marriage and used to fight continuously. Moreover, Brynn used to take alcohol and had been to rehab a couple of times.

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Phil Hartman and Brynn Hartman

Despite all of these, none of them wanted to get a divorce and were willing to save the marriage. However, Brynn was courageous enough to kill her husband on that day and report the scene. After the police arrived at the crime scene, Brynn shot herself on her mouth and attempted suicide.