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The brilliantly beautiful with variety of talent Se Cupp is an American political commentator and author of the book related to factual truth. The beautiful lady felt the first version of her life in February 23, 1979 at Carlsbad, California where she was named Sarah Elizabeth by birth. Born as the only child of her parents, she was grown in Andover. However, her ancestors are Catholic but she deemed herself as an atheist. The qualified journalist was the attendant of Cornell University with the bachelor degree in Arts. But she later got enrolled in New York University toearn the Master degree in Arts. The attractive and self-assured lady has named her as prominent personality in the media at her early age of thirty four. Widely famous as the co-anchor of the program, The Cycle: afternoon show of MSNBC Cupp belongs to American nationality.


In 2002, the famous and renowned daily newspaper company, The New York Times hired her as an author and editor. The company emerged out her talent with great effort which accomplished the great success in her career. In addition she got determined to never look back and start making guest appearance in the show like American Live, CNN, Fox & Friends, Fox’s Hannity and so on. She has been associated with plentiful organization. Later in 2009 she was accessible as the writer of Daily News. She served two years for the network but consequently in 2011, she got enrolled with American Multimedia Production Company where again was hired as writer and reporter. Next in 2011 she also appeared hosting the MSBNC show, The Cycle. But with no satisfaction she quit the show following year and consequently joined CNN network as an anchor. She also hosted own titled program, SE Cupp aired on the Blaze TV. Knowing her career history we can proudly say she is one the tremendous writer. Her writing were published in several newspaper like Fox News, maxim, Washington Post, New York Times and CNN. Her notable writing includes non-fiction book titled Why You’re Wrong about the Right and she is also regarded as contributor of the “Arena”. However her second book, Losing Our Religion is in the way of publication.


Recently she serves as the co-anchor for the CNN rebranded show, Crossfire”. In the show she severs the topic related with politics, business, pop culture, entertainment and other topics. The show is received well by everyone however the main highlight of the program is the stunning pair of legs with the nice feet that she flaunts in her tight fitted skirt attracting large number of viewer. She is like the fresh air to her viewers who are bored of listening same old news. We can sayshe is entertaining her viewer either with her reporting skill or with her pair of long legs.Certainly she receives high amount for her contribution in work whereas her salary as well as her net worth is not disclosed in internet.


Cupp is extremely beautiful and eye-catching lady and appears amazingly smart on TV screen along with her astounding pair of legs and feet which charms the show perfectly.The hot author seemed as a private person but from the gossip we can tell that she is presently dating her boyfriend John Goodwin who is supposed to be an official chief of staff to Rep Raul Labradorby profession. We are excited and eagerly looking forward for Cupp taking John as her husband to whom she engaged in 2012. It is clear that we don’t have any confirm news of her marriage, dating, children, anddivorce. There are many talks about her personal life but all of them are assumption any confirmed news about that isn’t out till date.


The thirty four years old journalist has got the wonderful personality for maintaining her youthful looks and bodily shape. With the tall height of five feet eleven inch is one of the hot and sexy journalists with the perfect measurement of 36-23-36. She is concernabout her appearance and dresses. She is generally seen with spectacle in her eyes which more enhance her formal look. Her clothing sense is considered as the simple and elegant but shows her cleverness in choosing the outfit that show off her boiling figure and curve. She is extremely professional as well as smart. She is enjoying her blissful and busy life. Being an independent woman she got that winning quality which earned her a lot of admires and loves during her working year. She is still energetic and beautiful that always binds her viewers to the TV screen.


The extremely successful correspondent has got the lot of valuable experience gained all from her professional life. She is genial and humorous person. Although she is atheist but also respect the person who follows any religion. She adored the gay and homosexual people present in our society. Any interesting information about her can be explored from wiki and she has got her own networking sites like twitter and face book. Luckily she is an active user of twitter so it will be easy for her fans tobe in touch with her.