Sat Hari Khalsa
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Who Is Sat Hari Khalsa? Sat Hari Khalsa Age, Real Name ( Brad Pitt New Girlfriend). Sat Hari Wikipedia, Birthday, Ethnicity, Boyfriend, Instagram, How Old?

It only makes sense that people want to know what’s going on in the life of Hollywood star, Brad Pitt. After all, he is Brad Pitt, the epitome of gorgeousness.

And, that is not just it. Besides, he is a great actor as well. You have got to see his movies if you have not already. I am pretty sure most of you have watched most of them. At least I have.

Talking about the recent times, the news of him dating has spread all over the internet. As a result, most people might be interested to find out just who the lucky woman is.

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Well, Sat Hari Khalsa is the one. She is the rumored new girlfriend of Brad Pitt. This name might not ring a bell to most of you guys because she is not one of his Hollywood girlfriends.

Who is Sat Hari Khalsa?

I have already told you that she does not come from Hollywood. So, who could Sat Hari Khalsa, the new girlfriend of Brad Pitt, be?

To begin with, she is a jewelry designer. In the same way, she is an entrepreneur and spiritual healer as well.

This right here is an unusual combination but she is pretty good at what she does. Likewise, she is from the city of Los Angeles, California.

Moreover, she is the one Brad is dating recently. Prior to her, he was seeing Charlize Theron with whom he broke up in June this year.

Sat Hari Khalsa Age


There might be many things you may want to know about Sat. So, let us begin with her age and find out just how old she is.

She was born in the year 1969. Hence, this makes her 50 years of age this year. But, we are not aware of her month of birth as of yet.

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And, although she is 50, she looks quite young for her age. It must be her spiritual radiance that keeps her glowing.

Sat Hari Khalsa Real Name

Sat is an American by birth. However, her name might sound not that American. So, most people would guess that maybe Sat Hari Khalsa is not her real name.

And, also because she is a spiritual healer, you might think she gave herself a new name. Hence, you may want to know her birth name.

But, guess what folks, Sat Hari Khalsa is, in fact, her real name. Although it might not be your typical American name, turns out, it is her birth name.

Sat Hari Khalsa Wiki

Sat was born in the United States. However, she is culturally influenced by India. After all, she moved to India at an early age.

During her time in India, she attended a boarding school. In the same way, she lived in India up until she was 18 years of age.

It was in India where she learned about precious gems and their healing power. Likewise, she was born a Christian. But, later in her life, she changed her religion into Sikhism.

Sat Hari Khalsa’s Kids

Sat is a mother. And, she has a daughter whom she named Amrit. The meaning of her daughter’s name is immortality in Hindi.

Likewise, Sat has named her jewelry store after her daughter’s name. I mean, how sweet is that?