Who Is Sasha Allen From The Voice? Everything To Know About The Father Son Duo Contestant Who Chose Team Ariana Grande

Who Is Sasha Allen From The Voice? Everything To Know About The Father Son Duo Contestant Who Chose Team Ariana Grande

Sasha Allen is the contestant of The Voice Season 21 who auditioned on day two of the blind auditions. Scroll down to know everything about the father-son duo who chose to be in team Ariana. 

Sasha Allen and his father, Jim Allen, took the judges by surprise with their astounding performance. 

The second day of the blind auditions was full of surprises, but the duo clearly delivered the biggest one.

However, Sasha leaped at the opportunity to be a member of Team Ariana when it came time to select a mentor.

And as a gesture, Ariana Grande gave the singers a hamper as a token of her appreciation.

The Voice Sasha Allen Age 

Sasha Allen of the Voice seems to be around 18-22 years of age. 

Sasha’s passion for music began at a young age thanks to his father, Jim, who was a music teacher.

Speaking more of his auditions, Allen and his father performed the song Leaving On a Jet Plane by John Denver. 

Based on their performances, it’s clear that Sasha and Jim Allen are fans of vintage songs.

The Voice Sasha Allen Gender Story Explained

The gender of Sasha Allen, The Voice participant, is transgender, according to several reports.

Sasha, who was born a girl, struggled with his gender identity from a young age.

But she had a hard time telling her parents the truth about what was going on.

However, his parents finally learned of his situation and provided him with assistance with his transition.

At first glance, Jim and Allen appear to be just another father-son duo in the world of music.

Nevertheless, the beautiful story of love and compassion that unites them sets them apart.

What Job Sasha Allen Do?

The job of Sasha Allen is currently not revealed.

However, It is well known that she runs her own youtube channel, Twitch channel, and Soundcloud account.

Sasha has amassed thousands of fans despite her early age. And she has also made a name for herself in her hometown.

Sasha Allen Girlfriend Revealed

Brynn is the current girlfriend of Sasha Allen.

Sasha recently posted a photo of his girlfriend and wrote that he can’t get enough of Brynn and that he loves her unconditionally.

The couple appears to be completely open about their relationship, as they routinely appear in each other’s social media accounts.

Plus, they appear to be inseparable, as they seem to relish one other’s presence as much as anyone could.

Meet Sasha Allen Family On Instagram

Sasha Allen has not shared much regarding his family on his Instagram account. 

However, she does share photographs of her friends and family through her account.

Currently, Sasha has almost 40k followers on her Insta account with just 217 posts.