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Sascha Seinfeld Boyfriend, Parents, College Duke (Jerry Seinfeld Daughter
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Before knowing about Sascha, I guess you should know about her father Jerry Seinfeld because that’s where she got her fame from. When you are born to a famous family then you will also be part of fame.

Media will surround you to take pictures and interview. Paparazzi will follow you everywhere to get you pictures. And the same thing happens to Sascha. Not only that but people also want to know about them very much.

And they search for their articles and videos on YouTube. I guess you also did. That’s why you are here.

So, who is Sascha and to know about her personal life go through this article till the end.

Sascha Seinfeld Boyfriend (Jack)

Who is Sascha Boyfriend? The details are unknown. However, we know that she went to her prom with her date. And his name is Jack.

In addition, media were asking questions to Jerry that why doesn’t he intimidate with Sasch’s boyfriend. And Jerry has made a very cool statement.

It seems like Jerry is very cool with a decent guy asking him to take his daughter for a date.

Sascha Seinfeld Parents

Sascha is born to a famous family. Her father is Jerry Seinfeld and her mother is Jessica Seinfeld.

As mentioned earlier, Sascha being born on a very famous family, she has always been in media. However, she was not involved in the show business until now.

Talking about her father, he is an American standup comedian, writer, director, actor, and producer. He is one of the most recognized celebrities from the United States. He is best known for playing a fictional character as a role of himself in the sitcom Seinfeld. If you want to know more about Jerry then click here.

Moreover talking about Sascha’s mother, she is an American author and philanthropist. She is also one of the recognized personality in the United States.

Sascha Seinfeld College – Duke University

Sascha has made her parents very proud. She recently graduated from prestigious all-girls high school, Chaplin, in New York.

Sascha has also posted pictures of her graduation on her Instagram page. She is seen wearing a beautiful white dress in her graduation with a bow in the front.

In addition, her mother Jessica has also posted pictures of Sascha’s graduation.

They are seen as very happy. Which parents wouldn’t be happy to see their children graduate. Isn’t it?

Sascha has now graduated from her college. So the question is what will she do now. Will we be seeing her in the television and entertainment industry. Does she have an interest in the show business?

Answers to all these types of question are still unknown. If we get any details on such topics then we will update you with all the information.