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Speculated to be born in early 70s, astoundingly beautiful Sara Eisen is one of the preety, charming and attractive icon of American news industry. Formerly a news anchor and financial reporter at Bloomberg TV, this lovely lady with glowing eyes is currently broadcasting with CNBC.


Eisen attended Medill School of Journalism for her school studies. She holds Bachelor’s of Arts degree in broadcast journalism and business reporting from New York University and is a Masters’ graduate of Northwestern University. Immensely talented in the field of business affairs and financial issues demonstration, this very talented journalist of American nationality, started her career from Forex TV, a TV channel which was previously, focused on business of trading with little bit of interest on social side of trader’s life and now, includes money, passion and life and exclusively reports on expertise at global economic markets with news, data statics, opinion and question on global financial markets and ongoing lifestyle and technology. Eisen was designated to supply the continious news and report of global business strategy and on practicing financial policies, for the channel. After few years of employment with the channel, this pretty lady turned off the job at Forex and got connected with Bloomberg TV network. She used to co-anchor the show “Bloomberg Surveillance” with Tom Keene. The show aired on 6 am ET and was accessible through Bloomberg radio and Bloomberg's website She used to cover-up the financial affairs, advices, opinions and issues related to economics and current business proposals and ongoing projects. She also used to appear on the one-hour noon show “Lunch Money” everyday. As she was one of the scholars in business studies, her show was in complete justice to her knowledge as it in-depth was based on foreign currencies, exchange rates, Merchandise, Equities, Bonds and other international marketing affairs. She also used to issue alerts on Bloomberg’s tablet and mobile applications and devices.


During her tenure in the TV channel, she also interviewed political figures like regional federal presidents Richard Fischer, Eric Rosengren, James Bullard, and Charles Plosser; and finance ministers from Greece to Germany. She had exclusively covered Santa Columba Conference held at Siena of Italy in the year 2010 and 2012 for which she was appreciated heavily. Lively corresponding from IMF meetings and G20 meets held across the world, her report and coverage screened on debt crisis in Europe and the devastating coverage of Fukushima nuclear crisis and its economical impact experienced in Japan, was praiseworthy. Specialized and competent on macro-economic and international foreign exchange, this hot reporter of matured age was very much on media for her reports on international financial affairs, economical status of United States and global economic direction and business agendas.


This beautiful and amazing lady of five feet and six inches stance, with long and slender legs was unfortunately in high media criticism and speculation in the year 2013. Caught live on camera with her up-folded skirt in studio, her wardrobe malfunctioning glimpse made her hot news for over a week on all news and entertainment channels. Though nervous after such an embarrassing telecast, she wrapped-up her show with unfading professional smile and had gracefully composed herself despite being shocked and distressed. She left the channel officially in December 2013 and has been an active anchor/reporter of CNBC, a rival channel of Sara’s previous work area, since then. She, currently, is responsible for corresponding on global consumers matter and breaking news from companies like Coca-Cola to Nike with larger stories on consumer behavior. Also the editor of “ Currencies After the Crash: The Uncertain Future of Global Paper-based Currency System”, a publish of McGraw Hill in January 2013, there is no doubt Sara is being paid satisfying amount of salary as per her obligations.


Known to be married to her long time boyfriend, Sara Eisen seems to enjoy a happy feet with her family at present. It has been revealed that her husband is a poet by profession, although his name is not disclosed by any media source. As this generous lady wants her personal profile kept very low, we are very much familiar with the news of her getting pregnant twice and delivering both baby boys. Currently residing in New York City, the family is said to have a very great affection with each other and there is no question of divorce issue between the couple.


Also involved in few NGOs in U.S., this hypnotizing beauty of net worth $300 thousand, has won many hearts worldwide. Active in social networking site, her bio can be obtained through her official and professional websites and her other information and trivia is in process of being enlisted in wiki.