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Stunning and beautiful Samantha Mohr is a meteorologist currently working at HLN and CNN international in Atlanta, Georgia. Born on 1974, she belongs to American nationality. Her early memories of her aspirations were to become a weather caster. Her educational qualifications also suggest the same. She earned her degree in broadcast meteorology from the University of Saint Thomas in Houston, Texas. After graduation, like many, she started looking for a suitable job and landed herself at few stations. She got good knowledge about the practicality associated with weather forecasting; basically polished her knowledge more and helped her build the amateur side to a more professional form.

Samantha has had worked with countless work stations. During the start of her career, she had worked with KTVK in Phoenix, where she carried on her responsibility as the morning meteorologist and weekend host for Good Morning Arizona. Similarly, her next association came with KRIV-TV Fox 26 in Houston. There, she covered tropical storms and hurricanes like Hurricane Gilbert. Her profession requires the person to get exposed to some risks and has some dangers involved. It takes a lot of daring attitude to actually cover live natural disasters. And Samantha always had that head strong and courageous attitude in her.

Later, she joined The Weather Channel as the on-camera meteorologist. She always waited for better opportunity to come along and therefore she kept on changing her job places. In order to get more and better prospect, she joined WXIA and then KPIX-TV in San Francisco as their chief meteorologist. At KPIX-TV, she was honored with an Emmy Award for “best weathercaster in North California”. To add more about her awards, she had won AP Award for best weathercaster in North California, and the Radio television News Director Award for best weather segment.

Samantha is one of the finest and prominent weathercasters But besides, the award winning meteorologist is also equally popular for her beauty and her good looks. In 1985 she was crowned Miss Georgia and she has carried that legacy till today. She is considered one of the hottest television babes. Even at the age forty, she manages to look fantastic and youthful. She’s got great figure and she actually flaunts it with great flair. She wears clothes that show off her envious curves and those beautiful long legs. It’s just terrific how she’s kept her in such great shape. Samantha is truly the classic combination of beauty, intelligence and courage.

Talking about her personal life biography, she is not married and does not bear a husband. She does not even have a boyfriend either. Her relationship status is single and therefore has all her attention to work only; it’s what she is best at doing. She is happy with where she is today. She is not bothered about finding a guy and starting a family. In her spare time, she loves gardening, hiking, skiing and cycling. She is much of an extrovert and has interests of the similar kind. One can basically conclude from her life that she is enjoying happy feet at the moment.

She has had a wonderful career so far. She does not have a record of getting fired from her work never. Instead she has delivered outstanding work and won many awards for her contribution. She is an asset to any organization she ever associates with. Her current employers are definitely more than happy to have her in their team. They are paying her good amount of salary to keep her. Her experiences and her total outlook towards her profession can mean world of value to her employers. More about her can be extracted from wiki and other sites relating her. Her fans and viewers can also follow her at the twitter and Facebook. 

According to the recent survey and interview conducted in 2014, Samantha Mohr is still one most the most fascinating TV personality and beauty queen. Her beauty is not deteriorating in her ageing rather she is becoming prettier and more charismatic. She too has held a title of Miss Georgia in 1985.