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May 12, 1970 the date when a life came to existence of a well-known and successful actress Samantha Mathis, the gorgeous and beautiful Mathis, 5.5 feet in height, rose lipped, the daughter of Bibi Besch popularly known as Dr. Carol Marcus a character from a super hit blockbuster movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan released in 1982. Her mother Besch, a single Mom, who separated from her husband getting divorced, was the keeper and the only parental attendant of Samantha. Samantha rose in Los Angeles, as her mother and her grandmot6her both were involved in acting profession. Hereditarily born in a family of performers and actors it was obvious for Samantha to be interested in acting, which eventually was opposed by her mother. Being the granddaughter of Austrian stage actress and unappreciated by her mother for the beautiful Mathis never gave up on her dreams and convinced her mother in relevantly getting involved in the acting profession from her early teen age.


Mathis began as a marketer of baby products, campaigning with her mother along side in television commercials. Her career began from short television series followed by family dramas Aaron’s Way from NBC in 1987 to 1988, w2hile still in her early teenage. She then was casted in Knight Watch an adventure prodigy aired by ABC during 1988 to 1989, followed by a film debut in the movie Forbidden Sun released in 1989 alongside Lauren Hutton. The kick-start to her professional career came after she played in Pump Up the Volume in (1990) co-starring with a teenage heartthrob Christian Slater. The movie was not commercially successful but the speculations that involved regarding the affair between Mathis and her co-star Slater was given more media attention. Dating the heartthrob of the 90’s did credit a lot for the gorgeous actor Mathis. However, the relationship did not last long as Mathis got busy in a T.V drama re-uniting with her mother in Extreme Close Up.


Getti8nbg in relationship to Slater which only lasted for two years and the breakup did not affect her professional career involvement as she teamed up with her ex boyfriend for a animated movie Fern Gully. She got too busy during the days acting in The Last Rainfore3st in 1992, followed by a television drama This is My Life in 1992. The talented actress had no time in looking back and stopping as she starred in a role of princess Daisy in 1993 for the movie based on a computer game Super Mario Brothers and in The Thing Called Love in 1993 sharing the big screen with Sandra Bullock. The high star cast of the movie was not sufficient for the financial profit assumed by the producers. Mathis was not disappointed as she got the opportunity to be casted among the most notable actors of Hollywood industry.


The fame and media attention possessed the actor with some negative influence, having to struggle with addiction concerning high amount of dangerous drug abuse. She got married to Phoenix, an actor with great talent in the same process of excessive drug intake, as the couple more related to illegal approaches of drug overuse. 30th October 1993 while attending a party organized by the moist promising actor Johnny Depp, accompanied by their children Rain and Joaquin Phoenix, Phoenix consumed a lethal drug, which took away the life at the tender age of 23.


She was a hard worker so the turmoil’s in her life had affected her but not professionally, starring alongside Winona Ryder in 1994, Jack and Sarah in 1995, which comforted her as she got emotional attachment with ER star Noah Wyle, a boyfriend she considered after the grief in her family. She then appeared in the American President in 1995 and again reunited with her former ex boyfriend Slater in Broken Arrow. Slater who did an effortless approach to get back in good relation with Mathis did donate a lot to the phoe3nix family from his personal fund, which eventually was attained from the role left over by Phoenix after his death.


She yet again was devastated by the death of her mother, Bibi Besch in 1996 due to lung cancer. As the grief took her a year to get fully recovered from, she returned into movies in 1998 in Sweet Jane and a supporting role in Harsh Realm which was cancelled after all. Her efforts in taking up controversial acting projects led her in starting in American Psycho alongside Christian Bale in 2000 and The Punisher in 2002, Salem’s lot in 2004, The New Daughter in 2006, 33 Variations in 2009, Buried in 20109. Having worked with most of the superstars in Hollywood it is obvious that this immensely talented and stunning beauty has a long way to go. Her life after so many relationships did not scatter her professional life.