Who Is Ross DiBello? Everything To know About The Cleveland Mayor Candidate

Who Is Ross DiBello? Everything To know About The Cleveland Mayor Candidate

Campaigning for the Cleveland Mayoral election, Ross DiBello has established himself among the public but is not yet introduced on Wikipedia. But, the article below has got you covered with his bio.

Ross DiBello is a Cleveland attorney who stood for the candidacy for Mayor of Cleveland.

The big Cleveland and Ohio State Sports fan is a lifelong democrat and had been campaigning for the election with his wife.

However, Ross lost in the Democrat primary on September 14 whereas, from among the seven candidates, Kevin Kelley and Justing Bibb advanced from the mayoral primary.

Ross DiBello Wikipedia Details

The Wikipedia bio of Ros DiBello is yet to be featured on the Wiki page; however, we get to read him on various other sites.

He has been professionally practicing as an attorney since 2009 with Cassandra Collier-Williams, later turning into her staff attorney in 2012.

Interestingly, he is a professional poker player. He even paid bills through playing poker during his law school before his legal career.

The game interests him so much that he is excelled at it making it to the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event.

If Cleveland had taken a chance on him, he had promised to work tirelessly to eradicate the persisting challenges and uplift the Cleveland schools.

Ross DiBello Age: How Old Is The Mayoral Candidate?

Ross DiBellois is between 35-40 years, but his exact date of birth is not made public.

He was born on October 12 and grew up in Chesterland, Ohio, while most of his family live in Little Italy.

Young Ross attended Notre Dame CathedralLatin Hgh School in Chardon and later graduated with a BA in communication and media studies from the Ohio State University in 2005.

Further, he went to Cleveland-Marshall College of Law and graduated with a Juris Doctor in 2008.

As soon as she got out of the university, he had got into Ohio Bar immediately afterward.

Ross DiBello Wife And Net Worth

Ross DiBello has been married to his loving wife Lauren Bailey for four years, and his net worth is not stated in numbers yet.

DiBello and Bailey married on September 3, 2017, and don’t have their family squad extended yet.

It was his wife who had been accompanying her throughout his election campaign with the occasional company of their dog.

Previously living in Downtown Cleveland for six years, Ross shifted with his wife and now lives together in West Park with their dog, Baby.

About the campaign finance, DiBello had the least expenditure of $9,295 among all seven candidates. Whereas the two candidates advancing, Justin Bibb and Kevin Kelly, had the most expenses.