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The hot and vibrant personality of television industry, Rosanna Sotto is a well-known name in the media related with news anchoring. She has been blessed by outrageously gorgeous looks and her deviant style of presentation has been highly appreciated by the mass. Her dazzling persona and charismatic appearance with her skillful interpretation of the news portals is the key factor that has established her as a renowned character of the television industry. She garnered her popularity by being linked to several networks. However, her noticeable presentation of news anchoring was from WYNW network’s Good Day New York and WABC-TV’s news portal called The Morning Show and Good Morning New York. Setting high standards in the field of live news reporting she has been acclaimed and accolade by several honors and recognitions.


She felt her first verse of existence in April 29 of 1958 in Brooklyn, New York of the United States of America. She was born to a family of Italian- American ethnicity and holds an American nationality. She had to go through some hard times in her early childhood as her father was convicted as a mobster and the bad reputation carried out from her family tend her ways into journalism basically getting the influence of the hard news from her early days. Though her father did had a bad reputation but she did not led that keep her down and get related with the negativity of the society, instead owned herself a good education and led to start up a career that initialized in her professional well being. She attended several colleges for her completion of studies. She was a student at Visitation Academy based in Bay Ridge of Brooklyn, her hometown where she got raised. She enrolled in Packer Collegiate Institute based in her hometown in 1976 and also got herself involved in Catholic University of America, which was located in the capital city of America, Washington D.C. to get her graduation completed. Having a good background in education, she prompted her enthusiasm in the field of journalism and reporting and credited a high acclaimed fame from the sector.


She began her career initiative by getting herself a job in WTBS a television network based in Atlanta, where she formulated her responsibility as a reporter and even associated herself in production. Being a native citizen of New York she based her work in WABC-TV based in New York in 1982 and did reporting for Good Morning New York. The charm and charisma that she depicted with her skilful reporting and analysis of the news occurrences met her with fame and recognition and the show turned live after she approached to reporting. She had a good link with the network and had been associated i other news projects and shows which included The Morning Show and Eyewitness News. Her perfection in the field of reporting and presentation onscreen was highly praised and appreciated. After her tenure of a long period with the network, she moved her work experience to Fox network’s WNYW-TV, where she got the opportunity to deliver her talent in reporting and television anchoring of the news. She started her career based with the network in 1986. Eventually after being associated with the network, she was approached by the Fox to formulate anchoring for the Fox 5 News.  Her remarkable career of television host and news anchoring she had the opportunity to work alongside John Roland, Len Cannon, Lyn Brown, Ernie Anastos, Dave Price and Greg Kelly to name the few.


Apart from news anchoring, she has also been featured in dramatized series called New York Undercover, which was base in the police dramatization of the breaking news occurrences. She has been in the field of media for a long period and has been linked with the Fox Network for 25 years. Her other achievements include being featured in a film called The Object of My Affection, where she presented her news anchoring presentation in a dramatized proposition. The movie was released in 1998.


The beautiful diva Rosanna Sotto of the television with commendable feet, hot legs and a cute face has been the centre of attraction in the news anchoring for a long period and has conquered the scenario with her diverse way of presentation and motivational accordance. She after so many years in the business has earned a commendable salary, making her net worth to support her celebrity lifestyle. She has been married to Louis Ruggiero in 1986. Her husband is professionally a lawyer. More about her bio can be found in wiki.