Roberto García Moritán Wikipedia Edad: Everything To Know

Roberto García Moritán Wikipedia Edad: Everything To Know

Roberto García Moritán is a 72 years old Diplomat of Argentina. Let’s explore his Wikipedia details.

Roberto Garcia Moritán is a professional diplomat from Argentina.

He attended the University of Buenos Aires and majored in law.

In 1970, he joined Argentina’s foreign service.

He worked in the Argentine Embassy in Washington, the consulate in New York, and the United Nations Office in Geneva.

Roberto García Moritán worked at the Argentine Foreign Ministry’s General Directorate for Nuclear Affairs and Disarmament, among other roles. 

He was also the Argentine delegate to the Uruguay River Administrative Commission.

On April 1, 1982, while serving as the Embassy’s secretary, he was asked by then-Foreign Minister Nicanor Costa Méndez to act as a translator during a phone conversation between Leopoldo Galtieri and Ronald Reagan.

Roberto García Moritán Wikipedia & Edad

Roberto García Moritán has a Wikipedia page featured in his name.

Roberto García Moritán’s current age is 72 years old.

He was born on August 20, 1948, in Buenos Aires.

Roberto García Moritán-His Biographie

Talking about Roberto García Moritán’s Biographie, He presided over the Convention on the Non-Proliferation of Chemical Weapons in 1992.

In 1998, he was part of a team of specialists chosen by then-UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan to investigate Saddam Hussein’s government’s nuclear, chemical, and biological material in Iraq.

The following year, he joined another party that attempted to negotiate with Iraq’s leader on a journey to Baghdad.

Between 2000 to 2003, he served as Director of Latin American Politics, a position he held after being appointed by then-Chancellor Adalberto Rodrguez Giavarini.

Rafael Bielsa named him as Undersecretary of Foreign Policy in 2004.

Roberto García Moritán Wife And Family

Roberto García Moritán is happily married to his wife and has a son named after him.

Similarly, his son Roberto is an economist and is already a successful individual.

Aside from the fact that he and his son share the same name, details about his wife and family are scarcely available.

We will keep you updated if we find anything about his personal life.