Rob Rinder Father: Everything On The TV Personality Parents & Family

Rob Rinder Father: Everything On The TV Personality Parents & Family

Robert Rinder’s father and mother’s different economic background eventually led to a divorce. Keep reading to find out if the British lawyer is Jewish.

Robert Rinder is a British lawyer and a TV personality who is known for the show ‘Judge Rinder’.

Rinder runs a reality TV show ‘Judge Rinder’ where he gives his impartial judgments for the cases brought upon him. The show is running for the 8th season and is one of the most-watched shows in England.

Rob Finder Father & Mother: Parents Explored

Rob Rinder was born to Angela Cohen, his mother. Rinder’s father is still unknown on the web.

Rinder’s father is a black cab driver in London. His parents divorced when he was only a small child.

Rinder reported that because of the economic differences between his parents, he had a mixed childhood. His father was a cab driver and his mother was an academic with a degree and publishing company,

Cohen was awarded the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) to provide holocaust education.

She is the president of the ’45 Aid, Society, which is a charity for providing education regarding the holocaust. 

Robert Rinder Holocaust Documentary

British judge Robert Rinder was also awarded MBE for his documentary ‘My Family, The Holocaust And Me’.

The documentary series is about finding families who were separated or who did not receive justice even after years of the incident. Rinder tries to solve those cases in an attempt to educate about the holocaust. You can watch the documentary on BBC.

Holocaust education is a part of the Rinder family. Their work aims to let people know about the incidents of the holocaust regardless of their religion. Rinder also said that the holocaust was a result of a big failure in democracy.

Rinder has also addressed the partiality in the decision-making process in the courtroom and to fight with the constitution and facts and nothing else.

Is Robert Rinder Jewish?

Yes, Robert Rinder is a Jewish.

It’s safe to say Rinder advocates for holocaust education due to the incidents he has heard from his elderly, which impacted the young Rinder very much.

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