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Ripley Barnes
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Ripley Barnes is popularly known as the daughter of two famous artists Cooper Barnes and Liz Stewart. She was born in the year 2016 and is just three years of age now. The child got popularity since her birth and it has been predicted that she will be living like a star as she grows up. It has also been predicted that the child will definitely do something to keep her fame as it is now. Her father Cooper Barnes and mother Liz Stewart got married in the year 2015. Just after a year of their marriage, they gave birth to Ripley Barnes.

Name Ripley Barnes
Birthday 2016
Age 3 years
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity British-American
Parents Cooper Barnes and Liz Stewart
Siblings N/A

Cooper Barnes has been well-known as an American actor who is British-American popular for some of the movies and television series like Essie, Kickin’ It, Cold Case, Suburgatory, and Switched at Birth. Liz Stewart is also from the same field. She has been popular for her movies and television shows like I am That Girl, Paradox Alice, and Happy Tree Friends. When Ripley was born, her mother Liz immediately tweeted on her official Twitter account.

10 Facts About Ripley Barnes:

  1. Ripley Barnes is a British-American child who was born in the year 2016. 
  2. She is just three years of age now.
  3. She was born to her parents Cooper Barnes and Liz Stewart. 
  4. Both of her parents are actors.
  5. Although she has got so much fame, no one has ever thought about measuring her height and weight. Even though if it has been measured, her parents have kept it private.
  6. She is the only child of her parents.
  7. Since she is just three years of age, she hasn’t been sent to school yet.
  8. It is believed that Ripley Barnes receives some Montessori education from her home itself.
  9. However, she will definitely be sent to a Montessori-based school very soon.
  10. Ripley Barnes’ parents have not created any social media accounts for their daughter.