Where Is Renate Blauel Now 2021? Meet Elton John’s Ex-Wife On Instagram

Where Is Renate Blauel Now 2021? Meet Elton John’s Ex-Wife On Instagram

Renate Blauel was the ex-wife of Elton John long before he came out as gay. Where is Renate Blauel now? Let’s find out in the article below.

Renate Blauel is the ex-wife of legendary English musician Elton John in the ’80s.

Elton John was married to this beautiful German Sound technician long before he came out as gay.

They first met in 1983 in London during the recording of Elton’s album, Too Low For Zero

Soon after, the couple got married on Valentine’s Day in 1984 in St.Mark’s Church. However, their marriage lasted for only four years, and the divorce was finalized in 1984.

Renate, who has been dark for so long, suddenly popped up in 2020 when she sued John for breaching an agreement that the pair signed after divorce not to reveal any information related to their marriage.

Where Is Renate Blauel Now 2021?

After the divorce, Renate Blauel has stayed away from the public eyes and the media till now.

However, Renate began to create headlines in 2020, when she sued Ethon for breaching their agreement of not disclosing any information about their marriage to be revealed to the public.

Their marriage details were showcased in Elthon’s memoir and the Rocketman biopic, and as per the news, the legal issues have been settled between them.

It is believed that she used to live in Surrey, England, till 2000 and later moved to her home country Germany,

As of now, there isn’t any news related to her whereabouts.

Renate Blauel Wikipedia And Parents Details

Renate Blauel, the ex-wife of Elton John, is not featured on Wikipedia. However, the legendary musician is for sure is well written about on Wiki.

Renate is a 68 years old woman who was born on March 1, 1953, in Germany.

She was a sound technician by profession when she first met Elthon. From 1984 to 1988, they were married for four years, 

As per her parent’s details, it is still not disclosed. We could not put forward any information about her family due to limited information on the web.

After the divorce, she lived in Surrey.

In 2000, as per the news, she went back to Germany to look after her parents.

Renaute Blauel Net Worth And Instagram

Renate Blauel’s estimate net worth is believed to be around $45 million, as per People magazine.

Since the divorce, she has stayed away from the limelight and lived in her $600,000 country home in Surrey until 2000.

As per Elton’s, he is reportedly sitting under the net worth of more than 500 million dollars.

She is not on Instagram; she has stayed away from the people’s eyes after her split with Elton.

Similarly, she is not active under any other social media whatsoever.