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Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn popularly known as Rembrandt was a famous Dutch painter as well as etcher. He was one of the leading painters in European art and especially Dutch history. He contributed in the period of Dutch Golden Age. He was innovative and extremely prolific and provided new genres in painting. He was a successful portrait painter. He had gone through personal tragedy as well as financial hardships. However his paintings and etchings were famous throughout his life. He was a reputed artist. For almost 20 years he had taught many popular Dutch painters. He had also made self portrait.


Rembrandt was born in July 15, 1606 in Leiden, Netherlands. His name is Neeltgen Willemsdochter van Zuytbrouck and Hermen Grritszoon van Rijn. Rembrandt was their ninth child. His father used to work in a mill and his mother was a daughter of a baker. Religion is a main theme in the paintings of Rembrandt. His work shows Christian faith. As a young boy he joined Latin school and later joined the University of Leiden. According to scholars he was very much interested in painting. In 1624 or 1625 he established a studio with his colleague and friend Jan Lievens in Leiden. Prince Frederik Hendrik continuously brought paintings from him until 1646. In 1631 Rembrandt shifted to Amsterdam and became professional portrait artist. Initially he stayed with Hendrick van Uylenburgh, an art dealer. He married Saskia van Uylenburgh, Hendrick’s cousin in 1634. They married in St. Annaparochie church without Rembrandt’s relatives’ presence. He became a member of guild of painters as well as a burgess of Amsterdam. In 1639 the couple shifted to newly build home which is now Rembrandt House Museum.  He was earning well from his artworks but gone through financial difficulty that indicate that he might had some unsuccessful investments. The couple has gone through numerous personal setbacks; their son died within two months after birth in 1635, their daughter died within three weeks after birth, their another daughter died after living over a month. Their fourth child called Titus survived into adulthood. In 1642 Saskia died most likely from tuberculosis, soon after the birth of Titus. Rembrandt had made drawings of his wife who was sick and bed ridden. While Saskia was ill, Geertje Dircx was employed as Titus’ nurse and caretaker, later on she became the lover of Rembrandt.


In late 1640s he started affair with Hendrickje Stoffels, initially she was his maid. The couple had a daughter called Cornelia in 1654. However he didn’t marry Hendrickje. To avoid bankruptcy he sold his paintings and collection of antiquities. He also used sell his own work through bidding. He was enforced to sell his home as well as his printing press. Titus and Hendrickje established a business in 1660 as art-dealers while Rembrandt was an employee. Rembrandt was contracted in 1661 to finish work for the new city hall. In 1662 he was working on major commissions. In 1667 when Grand Duke of Tuscany arrived to Amsterdam, he paid a visit to Rembrandt at his home. Hendrickje died in 1663 and Titus died in 1668. Rembrendt died on 4th October, 1666 in Amsterdam.


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