Christen Whitman Drama Explained On Reddit - What Happened To The Tiktok Star?

Tik Tok and Instagram Famous, Christen Whitman posing in a luxury car, she seems confident and living her best life
Tik Tok and Instagram Famous, Christen Whitman posing in a luxury car, she seems confident and living her best life( Source : instagram )

Reddit can't keep up with Tiktok star Christen Whitman's drama, find out more about Christen, her boyfriend Rocky Yarbrough,  net worth, and more.

Christen Whitman is a social media content creator who is known for creating crazy clips on Tik Tok. The 22-years-old social media star usually posts dance, comedy, and experimental videos on the platform.

Whitman joined Tik Tok in mid-2020 and began posting Tik Tok shorts almost regularly. She does live Q/A with her fans and engages with them from time to time.

According to her Instagram bio, she now resides in Florida, United States. Whitman hails from the United States and is a US national. 

Reddit Can't Keep Up With Christen's Drama

As much as Whitman has gained fame and recognition, she has also amassed a great deal of drama which sometimes works in her favor and sometimes it doesn't. 

Multi-racial Whitman constantly gets banned from Tik Tok for creating unusual and sensitive content on the platforms. As a result, creating new accounts is part of her weekly routine. Christen keeps inviting drama into her life through her ex-boyfriend or friends.

Here's what the Reddit discussion panel has to say about Tik Tok star Christen Whitman. Some describe her as "super annoying and self-entitled", while others might argue the opposite. One of the members wrote, 'I absolutely adore her, love her personality as she doesn't care about what anybody thinks.

Christen Gets Into The Heated Conversation With The Creator, AuntKaren

A couple of weeks ago Christen had another drama coming up her way which involves her mother Jackie. In one of her daughter's Tik Tok, Jackie made a comment about the 'N-word saying, "If the word is so offensive, nobody should say it". 

Some other guy said, 'White people created the word; why can't white people use it? To which Christen's mother would respond with a 'laugh'. The situation escalated from then on. 

@keepingupwithchristank aunt karen whitney wren/christen whitman being racist @TikTok’s Favorite Karen #whitneywren #christenwhitman #christenwhitmanracist #fyp #drama #blm #racism ♬ original sound - user3205309800159

One creator, 'Aunt Karen, finds the whole situation offensive and managed to get on a live interview with Christen and her mother. They all have a heated conversation around racism for more than half an hour, going back and forth.

'Agreeing with a racist comment makes you racist', one of the comments said. To its counterpart, one user responded, 'laughing in such a situation is normal; people do it when they're not comfortable.

It's true Christen's mother didn't use or say the actual "N-word". In the meantime, Christen fans were all over her comment section, defending her mother while some were with Karen.

How Is Christen Whitman Putting Aside All Her Drama?

More often than not, Whitman shares incredible pictures on her Instagram. Her feed is full of glamour and fashion. She's often seen wearing bikinis and lingerie, sometimes in a villa, her apartment, or on some sunny beaches in Florida.

Though she is not known to be a model, her physics, aura, and the way she presents herself comfortably in front of the camera really make her followers think if she actually is a model.

Bue-eyed blonde has an attractive figure, and her fans are as crazy about her as she is when making viral Tik Tok videos.

Although, we can say she loves fashion and everything about traveling since she was a kid. Christen is quite popular on Tik Tok in the States, but she still has reserved her personal details away from her fans.

Christen Whitman Has A Net Worth Of $100,000

Despite all the drama, Christen Whitman has made quite the following on Instagram. She currently has 387k followers with just 32 posts. That amount of following on Instagram and her popularity among the Tik Tok community earns her good fortune. Whitman earns thousands of dollars from her Instagram, as advertisers always look for such an influential following. 

Tiktok star Christen Whitman showing off her newly bought Audi, she looks happy
Tiktok star Christen Whitman showing off her newly bought Audi, she looks happy( Source : instagram )

However, her main income stream is Tiktok, where she makes most of her cash. Many brands reach out to her to promote their product to her audience. Also, Tiktok donation and gift features have allowed creators to earn extra bucks, which Christen has managed to make good use of.

Little known fact, Christen Whitman is also known to have an Onlyfans account, which is yet another income source for her. Altogether, after evaluating all her income sources, it's safe to conclude that Christen Whitman has a net worth of approximately $100,000 as of this writing.

Who Is Christen Whitman Currently Dating?

Apparently, the Reddit discussion reveals she had a thing with her ex-boyfriend Konnor. Just like Christen, her ex-boyfriend has hundreds of thousands of followers and their fans considered them a power couple.

But, who is she dating at the moment? That brings up Rocky Yarbrough.

Christen Whitman with her boyfriend Rocky Yarbrough posing infront of the car
Christen Whitman with her boyfriend Rocky Yarbrough posing infront of the car( Source : instagram )

Christen Whitman is currently in a relationship with a lifestyle influencer, model, and famous social media content creator, Rocky Yarbrough. Rocky currently has over 480k followers on Tiktok and almost 90k on Instagram.

The couple has been dating since Whitman's break-up with Konnar Jung. Rocky and Christen are often linked with each other by their fans on Tiktok. Even creating different couple hashtags. Like, #christenwhitman #rockyandchristen #candrocky.  Rocky shared a recent picture with his sweetheart Christen in Panama City Beach, Florida. Follow the hashtags above, and learn more about this Tiktok couple.

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