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Rachel Blumenthal Age (Neil Blumenthal Wife) Wiki, Net Worth, Family, Children
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Rachel Blumenthal is a mother of 2 who is an entrepreneur and a businessperson. She is the CEO and Founder of Rockets of Awesome. Rockets of Awesome is a clothing brand/company for kids that ensures the ease and comfort of the parents.

This company started in 2016. Since then, Rachel has helped a number of parents to ship easily for their kids. Rachel is gaining a lot of praise among mothers with this brand.

Rachel Blumenthal Age is 38 years old.

This 38-year-old MAMA Rachel was born in Cape Cod, Mass, USA. Her Parents are Debra H. Bravman and Dr. Richard J. Bravman.

Rachel Blumenthal Married Husband Neil Blumenthal. Rachel’s Family and Children

Rachel has been married for over a decade. She and Neil tied the knot on 4th August 2008. They had met while they both were in college. Both of them studied at Tufts University and fell in love.

They got married after 15 years of dating. They recently celebrated their 11th anniversary.

Neil is the biggest supporter of Rachel. He is the co-founder and co-CEO of Warby Parker which is an online retailer of eyeglasses. He is a year younger than Rachel. The couple has always been together providing all the support they require. It was Neil who encouraged Rachel to start up her business.

They have 2 children together; Griffin who is 7 years old and studies in 3rd grade and Gemma is her 3-year-old daughter. She is in the pre-school. They live in Greenwich Valley, New York City. This adorable family enjoys each other’s company so much. Rachel is a working woman, yet she manages as much time as she can for her family.

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Rachel Blumenthal’s Wiki

Rachel graduated from Tufts University in the early 2000s. Thereafter, she was offered a job of a financer, however, she rejected that job as that was not something she wanted to do.

Later, she worked at AOL, an American online service provider. But, even that job could not make her happy. Only after a few months at the job, she realized that she wanted to do something in the field of fashion, but on her own.

Again, she left her job and luckily found another one in Yves Saint Laurent. While working there, she decided to start her own business. She thus launched Rachel Leigh, a jewelry brand. This brand became popular among people in a short time.

After her hands in jewelry, she then founded Cricket’s Circle. This was an online site for babies. This site would help moms to know what they could buy for their babies.

And after all of these, she finally founded Rockets of Awesome in 2016. Since then she has been working for this and gaining a lot of popularities. She has even appeared in a lot of podcast interviews talking about motherhood.

What is Rachel’s Net worth?

This businessperson has an economically balanced life. She earns and her husband earns for the family. Her business is growing and is gaining popularity.

However, her exact net worth is not available on the internet. We assume that it must certainly be over a Million.

Likewise, Rachel Blumenthal’s husband, Neil’s net worth must be great as well. His company, Warby Parker has a net worth of approximately $1.75 Billion.

Rachel is easy to find on Instagram.