Qwestakufet Age: How Old Is He?

Qwestakufet Age: How Old Is He?

The South African musical artist Qwestakufet seems to be at the age 40-45 years old. Let us more about him from the article below.

Qwestakufet is a renowned rapper, dancer, and actor from South Africa.

He possesses a great deal of adaptability and is famous in the music industry as the owner of 4 Billion Records. 

Similarly, his record label gives aspiring African singers a chance to shine.

Moreover, his native admirers have compared him to Michael Jackson as he has some traits similar to him.

Despite mainly focusing on South African members, he also encourages emerging musicians from all over the world.

Qwestakufets: Real Name And Age Explored

The real name of Qwestakufet is Lucky Mafoko, who seems to be 45-50 years old.

However, he began using his stage name Qwestakufet soon after starting his career. Further, he goes by the name Qwestakufet in all of his web-based media profiles as well.

Furthermore, Lucky, aka Qwestakufet, has a YouTube channel called Leburugraphy Pictures with 17,000 subscribers.

Similarly, he is also available on Twitter with his username as @qwestakufet. There he has written himself as a man of many talents on his bio.

Moreover, he prefers to keep his actual age and date of birth confidential and let his fans’ interest grow. 

At the age of 15, Qwetakufet moved to Molapo, Soweto, where he began his musical career.

Qwestakufet Net Worth And Height

The exact amount of Qwestakufet’s net worth is unknown as he has not disclosed any information about his total assets.

Similarly, he has been dabbling in the South African music industry for a long time. He’s had a lot of hits as well as received a lot of honors. But apart from that, Qwestakufet has developed a substantial number of fans of his own.

A large number of people attend to watch his performance, and then they purchase his records.

The vocalist from South Africa is a true prodigy. Thus, it is safe to assume that the artist has made a substantial sum of money throughout his musical career.

Furthermore, he seems to have a tall height of 6 feet 2 inches. 

However, his actual height details are not available on the web for now.

Meet Qwestakufet On Instagram

An active Instagram account is available on Qwestakufet’s web page.

Similarly, he is active on Instagram under the username qwestakufet_kufet.7.

The number of followers on his Instagram account is currently around 159k.

Moreover, the rapper has quite a few posts and shared little of his personal life.