Quentin Sommerville Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The BBC Journalist

Quentin Sommerville Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The BBC Journalist

There’s a very low chance that you haven’t seen Quentin Sommerville, and he’s the reporter who got high on National TV’ if you can remember. 

Quentin Sommerville is a BBC reporter who reports stories from middle-east.

After his video, Sommerville got viral on social media, where he started giggling in the middle of a report.

There were heavy narcotics burning behind him, which got him pretty high, bursting him into laughter.

Quentin Sommerville Wikipedia Explored

Quentin Sommerville is a highly respected journalist working for BBC.

Even though his video received many critics despite a good laugh, his reputation remained strong due to his determination in working in middle-east.

His story has covered some really dangerous and potentially threatening stories of the middle east. You can read his stories here on BBC.

Initially, he’s from Glasgow, a city in Scotland. But now, he writes from Beirut, Lebanon.

He’s the official correspondent for BBC middle-east. He has been working in the middle-east for almost a decade now.

He has also been a correspondent for BBC Shanghai and Beijing.

Sommerville’s first foreign report was from Shanghai. He was then transferred to China in 2008.

He appeared on the Andrew Amarr Show that year. The same year Sommerville was placed in middle-east is, however, unknown. 

Before entering journalism, he also worked in tv series. He appeared on two tv series, ‘Screen Two’ and ‘Newsnight.’

 He has been fortunate enough to be on some of the most prestigious BBC shows, such as ‘BBC Breakfast’ and ‘BBC One’s News America.’ 

Quentin Sommerville Age And Partner

Quentin Sommerville’s age looks somewhere around 50-60 years old. 

Much of his information hasn’t been revealed yet, like his age, personal life, and partner details.

He works in one of the most dangerous areas of the world. So, there aren’t any details on his partner and personal life.

What Is Quentin Sommerville Net Worth?

Quentin Sommerville’s net worth hasn’t been revealed.

Although we can assume that he has earned quite a living after years of deployment. 

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