Pluto v2 Face Reveal And Everything on His Age And Wikipedia

Pluto v2 Face Reveal And Everything on His Age And Wikipedia

Pluto v2 apparently revealed his face partially in 2021. Unfortunately, he deleted the source material very quickly. To know more about the streamer, continue below.

Pluto v2 is a Canadian Fortnite streamer. He streams on the streaming platform YouTube.

Aside from streaming his gameplay, he also does giveaways to his fans/viewers.

As a Fortnite content creator, he has gained a lot of attention on the platform.

Name Pluto v2
Age 20-30
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Profession YouTuber
Net Worth Under Review
Married/Single Single
Instagram @plutov2yt
Twitter @YouTubePlutoV2

Pluto v2 Face Reveal

Streamer Pluto v2 did seem to have a sort of face reveal in 2021.

After revealing his partial face, he instantly deleted the video after 20-30 seconds.

His action seemed to have caused quite an uproar among his fans.

The streamer does his streams without his face cam on, so the face reveal must have been huge for his fans on the platform. Even though he didn’t reveal his full face, the fans seemed to have been delighted with the reveal.

Pluto v2 Age And Wikipedia

Fortnite streamer Pluto v2’s age seems to be 20-30 years old as of April 2021.

He has yet to reveal any official information on his birthdate and birthplace to the public yet. However, as per his YouTube channel, he is from Canada.

The streamer apparently joined the streaming platform, YouTube on April 30, 2017.

Most of his content is about the Fortnite Item shop. He creates videos every day.

Not only Pluto shows Fortnite item shop, but he also gifts skins to his subscribers and drops V-Buck codes in his chat randomly.

He has been able to create quite a large community on YouTube with 529 thousand subscribers.

What Is Pluto v2 Net Worth?

Pluto v2 has yet to officially reveal any information in his net worth to the public as of April 2021.

However, with the subscribers’ count of 529 thousand and over 30 million views, he surely has a very high income.